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There has been a lot of buzz lately as to what new products Apple has for us in 2014. A lot of information is coming through the pipeline that Apple will launch a wearable computing device, dubbed the iWatch, in the first half of the year. Apple’s own job listings are hinting at the need for NPI Engineers to work with “new platforms as of now unannounced.” Alongside this information, J.P. Morgan recently wrote a note to investors that Apple might be headed toward a new “iAnywhere” computing platform.

AppleInsider received a copy of the note that J.P. Morgan sent. The firm believes Apple is on the way to creating a converged Mac OS and mobile OS. While Apple is working toward making OS X and iOS more compatible and seamless in compatibility, J.P. Morgan believes the company has more in store. They believe that Apple is growing iOS into a system that could potentially run Mac applications when connected to a larger screen.

“In our view, iAnywhere could be a stepping stone to a broader peripherals and services-led sales, partially reducing Apple’s dependence on device-led product cycles,” Moskowitz wrote. “Apple could generate revenue through the sale of specifically configured displays, iAnywhere-capable iPhones or iPads, and cloud-based software and storage services.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook famously noted that the company is not a fan of converging things. However, Apple’s CEOs have been known to say one thing and do another later. The iPad mini is the perfect example. Former CEO Steve Jobs called the 7-inch tablet “dead on arrival,” but the smaller-sized iPad is growing in popularity exponentially. Who knows. We may see iPads replacing laptops in the near future.

According to a new study from Perion, the developer of popular mail client IncrediMail, the majority of iPad owners prefer reading and writing email on their tablets over their PCs and smartphones.

Perion surveyed 4,400 iPad users about the way that they use email to get the results, and 90 percent of respondents said that using email on the iPad was important. Two thirds of those surveyed check their email on the iPad more than three times a day.

55 percent of people surveyed preferred tablets for reading emails, followed by 32 percent for the PC/Mac and 10 percent for the mobile phone. When it comes to writing emails, 48 percent preferred tablets, 41 percent preferred the PC/Mac, and 9 percent preferred mobile phones.

Despite the number of people using email on the iPad, most are unhappy with the email client they have to work with. 41 percent of people said they were extremely satisfied with their email apps, meaning a majority of the group is looking for a better solution.

While surveying people about how they use email on the iPad, Perion asked some in-depth questions that garnered interesting results.

For example, 97 percent of iPad users read emails on their device, but only two thirds of those people send back quick replies. Just 31 percent read and send all of their emails using the iPad.

Women surveyed showed a higher satisfaction for using their iPads for reading emails, and were also more likely to send emails compared to men. 68 percent of women used their iPads only for personal emails, while 52 percent of men send business emails as well. The iPad is not just for leisure – 38 percent of respondents said they use the iPad for both personal and work emails.

Apple’s default Mail app, unsurprisingly, is the most popular mail app. 41 percent of users surveyed use the app, while 31 percent use Gmail and another 13 percent use Hotmail. 18 percent of users just use the web browser for checking email.

Do your own experiences fall in line with this survey? Personally, I rarely check email on my iPad, but I do so often on my computer and my iPhone. These numbers, though they come from a limited sample size, do show that the iPad is being integrated into homes and replacing tasks that were once done with a computer.

For the past couple of days, rumors have been swirling that Apple was set to launch a new model of iPad with 128GB storage capacity. When the fifth beta for iOS 6.1 was released, developers noticed reference to a larger capacity device, dubbed an “Ultimate” ipad because of a reference to it from an unnamed major U.S. retailer. In a move that goes against everything we know about Apple, the company quietly posted a press release to its online website with the new product announcement.

From the press release, it appears that Apple has decided to offer the larger capacity model to target enterprise. According to the announcement, nearly all Fortune 500 companies, and 85 percent of Global 500 companies are either deploying or testing iPads. These companies need larger storage space for larger applications and files, such as 3D CAD files, X-rays, film edits, music tracks, blueprints, and more.

Like the previously-launched fourth-generation iPad models, the 128GB tablet features a 9.7-inch Retina display with an A6X processor chip and FaceTime HD camera. It also comes with iOS 6.1 already installed.

Apple never launches new products, or even changes to current products, without flourishes and fanfare. So, it is unusual that the company has decided to announce the larger capacity iPad in such a small way. They could have, at least, sent someone to MacWorld/iWorld, which starts on Thursday. It almost feels disappointing to find out about the new tablet this way.

The 128 GB fourth-generation iPad with Retina display will be available in black and white, and with Wi-Fi only for $799 or Wi-Fi + Cellular for $929. The device will be available for sale starting February 5.

There has been largely gossip from the moment when the Hobby version with the iPad published. It is the different upcoming Popular trend which Organization is going to hair our heads with. Properly certainly for example always you’ll find we have spotted that Mini apple ipad tablet in elements.With the help of the current leaks, were able to decide that what type of variety factor the Mini iPad tablet will use as well as size to boot. The Minuscule iPad appears to be like more like the best brother of iPod touch in regards to size and additionally carries the exact appearance because existing apple ipad, however with just slightly dissimilarities.Now an exciting new set of graphics have came forth on 9to5Mac (when above). Using the newly lost images these upcoming Smaller iPad make use of small display bezels giving more space for the show off to fit through. Speaking of time frame screen frame size, don’t someone thinks if the Little black dress iPad is generally adopting the equal nature being the upcoming iPhone 5? Adequately certainly you are going to, that’s what I considered as well.However, if we weigh up the previous coolant leaks of the Mini iPad, people haven’t seen your back camera up to this point (excluding our present-day images drain). This might be attainable due to the fact where the Mini apple ipad will cost minimal. However a front-facing (secondary) surveillance camera should be on that point there and it is mainly because shown with the leaked illustrations. After evaluating the current styles of Apple’s potential products line-up, typically the front-facing camera will be found in the clinic of the new Mini tablet, right on top of the ear-piece (assumption!).

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