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Each year, Apple updates the iOS for its valued customers. The upgraded version of iOS offers better performance for the iOS devices. Users of iPhone, iPod, iPad and MAC can enjoy the latest development in their iOS software.

iOS updates eliminates the signs of aging from the smartphones and tablets. Users can enjoy the powering features on their iDevices. There are rumors that Apple will soon launch the upgraded iOS 5 for new iPhone. Stories are still not confirmed and it is expected that upgraded iOS will be introduce in new iPhone, late this year. The updated version of iOS 5 can be enjoyed on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 and third and fourth generation of iPods.

Users will be able to enjoy the upgraded iOS on their iDevices without paying a single penny. Stories are there that iPhone with new updated version of iOS will change the entire use of device. Users will get plenty of control on their notifications. They can configure the way for sorting the notifications. They can highlight which apps should and should not send notification by upgrading iOS. Users are allowed to set the things like they want. They can lock the notification screen with new iPhone iOS. They can also use the pass code for unlocking the notification screen. The notification ease can be enjoyed with the updated iOS 5.

With updated iOS 5, users will be able to enjoy the new story of iMessages with their iPhones. They will be able to send and receive the text messages, group messages and MMS messages from other iDevices. iMessages has bestowed the communication platform for the fans of the new iPhone, now they can create their stories. Users will be allowed to send iMessages for free. It will not be added in their message quotas. They can even cancel their texting plans if their friends have iDevices. They just have to upgrade their iOS Software.

The updated iOS 5 will dictate a new story for the success of iPhone. Users will be allowed to have better downloading speed. They can enjoy downloading different apps from the iTunes and enjoy them in great speed. With upgraded version of iOS 5 for iPhone will support the tabbed browsing with safari.

Moreover, the new story about updated iOS 5 iphone version is enhanced features of camera and photo apps. Users will be able to modify the taken snaps in variety of ways. They can enjoy red eye reduction, cropping, rotating and editing in remarkable manner, with upgraded iOS 5.

Similarly, mailing, face timing, Siri, maps, calendars and miscellaneous features can be enjoyed with the upgraded iOS 5. Users can write new stories with their updated iOS 5 iPhone.

Apple has recommended to update the iOS by connecting the device with PC or Mac. The upgrade iOS 5 is in several gigabytes. Users can download it from iTunes by plugging the iPhone on charging. Or else, they can download the new updated iOS software on PC or Mac and then install it in iPhone.

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France telecom owned Orange and Facebook has recently announced their partnership for launching Party Call services for group calling. The plan will be going to first go live in France, next summer. In this regards, Mr. Xaviet Perret, VP of Orange strategic partnership has revealed some interesting facts.
Party Call is different from the Orange’s old IP calling services like Libon and Skype. It is operating with direct voice networks of Orange and allow group calling in the premises of Facebook. It is in short a bridge between legacy voice and social network. This is first time when Facebook has been involved in linking up with the legacy phone services.
Party Call is different from the Orange’s old IP calling services like Libon and Skype. It is operating with direct voice networks of Orange and allow group calling in the premises of Facebook. It is in short a bridge between legacy voice and social network. This is first time when Facebook has been involved in linking up with the legacy phone services.

Perret further shared that Facebook management was pretty excited when we shared this idea with them. They found it quite different than usual Facebook applications. However, it will work same as application, users have to first download the interface and then they will be able to get pleasure from group calling service. It also assures that Facebook will never know about the phone numbers of the users, only Orange will have this information.

Perret describes their plan of action and said they will first introduce and promote this service to their current customers. Orange technical team is still working to roll out this software, yet they have revealed that this plan is for going international after France.

It is already known that Orange has already come up with numerous interesting services related to Facebook including carrier billing and easy access to Facebook on the low end mobile devices. The announcement about Party Call is showing that there is more on card to come.

Now the question is that who will lead Party Call- the Facebook or Orange? Orange is going to drive the seat and for sure this will bring Facebook one step nearer to the telephone services and modify the way it communicates. According to Zuckerberg integration is quite essential and mobile web is quite huge for the Facebook.

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Smash phone introduces a new application ‘HYPER SENSITIVITY DISORDER’ application. This application helps its users to know about the allergy reactions and health related problems and to know the awareness that how users can control their health issues by using this application. This is the first free of cost application of smash phone that users can avail this opportunity when they want. This tells the users that this is the official application and all the forecasts will be done with the WEBMD health corporation.By this WEBMD this tells the users that their allergy reaction is high and they have to control it with different medicines and treatments. Its also tells that what are different types of allergies have taken place according to the weather so that users can be ready to face it. This WEBMD is a big source of providing the health issues information, health care professionals, employers and health plans through public and private online answers. This application will also help to parents to know about the allergies for other family members to better trace that why this allergy has been taken place. This WEBMD provides easy access to physician reviewed information with the help of different steps. First allergy and weather forecast (this will help the WEBMD to forecast the allergy reaction), second arrange allergen alerts (state notifications on high allergy reactions and give alarm to its users), third information on seven allergy categories (WEBMD provides the allergy information indoor, outdoor, drugs etc), fourth creating multiple user profiles for the whole family members (track different allergy reactions with the different applications for users other family members as well).

WEBMD health corporation survey to their mobile users to better understand which allergy key factor suffering to its users and this will help the application to better provide the best way to its users. With this application the users get very attracted as because all of the users in the world will get allergy alerts for them and for their other family members as well at their door step by just using this single application all over the world.

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Viber Media Inc. has launched free Viber app for the iPhone users. This app works pretty same as the other iOS apps and routes the incoming and outgoing calls to the VoIP-voice over IP. For availing the benefits of Viber iPhone app, the recipient must also have installed this app in their smart device.
Viber has wiped out the Skype as Skype allows the calls for money, whereas Viber allows free calls to any of the Viber subscriber. The best part of this app is that users do not require to get registered and make their unique username. Their phone number is their identity and without any hassle of registration users can start enjoying appreciating features of this app. Users just have to allow the app to scan the address book and they will automatically come to know that who else is subscribed to Viber network. Once users have known that how many of their friends are also using Viber, they can start calling even if they are basing abroad. Yes Viber also permits to make international calls free of cost.

Another great feature that makes Viber most appreciating is its ability to attend incoming calls without switching on the application. All is required is to slide to the answer and Viber will automatically launch. It will take hardly few seconds after which users can start enjoying interruption free calls.

The sound quality of Viber is in fact better than regular calls. Voice transformation is crystal clear over 3G networks and WiFi and there will be no drop calls. The only little requirement is to have Viber installed in both devices for enjoying limitation free calls.

Additionally, Viber also allows iOS users to send free text and share photo messages with the other Viber users without any limitations. Users can send messages to any user of Viber over any device, any network and in any country. Even group messaging is also allowed and users can send same message to the group of 15 friends, at the same time. Users can even change their profile picture while using Viber and also share their location.

Viber app for iPhone is available at iTunes store and it can be downloaded for free. The best part is there is no hidden charges associated with this app, all the features are available in free application. Start using Viber app on your iPhones and learn how many other friend is aware about this wonderful application.

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