Killer Within is only the fourth of sixteen episodes this, the third season of The Walking Dead, but so much happened, that it could have been a fulfilling mid-season finale. Warning: This article contains major spoilers!

The pace for this season has been at a neck-break speed and each episode has had us holding our breath until the credits roll. The episode starts of with a man running around, distracting zombies with dead animals and breaking the chains on a fence with a hatchet. His face wasn’t shown, but he appeared to be an inmate. This scene was quiet with no talking except zombie growls. It seems that they want to start every episode this way, and that is brilliant. The lack of explanation drew me in and I was dying to know the details that were being revealed little by little.

There is no time to celebrate. That message was very clear when everyone saw Hershel hobbling around for the first time since his leg was hacked off. It was nice, everyone was smiling, and then there were zombies everywhere. What’s worse than finding zombies all around when everyone is outside of the jail? How about finding zombies inside the jail you run to shelter for. Can’t get any worse, right? Well this just happens to be the same time that the baby is coming, and Lori only has Carl and Maggie with her. That escalated pretty fast in the course of two or three minutes. While I have been having some issues with the zombie hoards popping up almost out of nowhere, season three has handled this mechanic much better. So the zombies are around the prison, in the prison, and the baby is coming. Surely this is as bad as it gets. Well the prison alarm going off can’t be good.

Despite all the chaos going on at the prison, the show still finds time to show what was happening in Woodbury. Michonne is clearly skeptical of the Governor, finding blood and bullet holes around the place. While Michonne is clearly aware of the wickedness surrounding the Governor, Andrea is getting a little closer to him. It helps when the Governor shares a story about a wife who died in a car crash and a daughter we have yet to anything about. The story seemed perfect for Andrea to feel sorry for him. Meryl is also showing more of his support for the Governor by obeying his every order, even when he obtains clues that could lead him to his brother, Daryl.

This episode gave us character deaths that some will probably really like, and some people will absolutely hate. For the later, it’s T-dog. He finally gets to put a little more in this episode than any other, but then he is bitten. To show he wasn’t done yet, he helped Carol escape by throwing himself at zombies. The saddest part of the whole thing was when they group found the two zombies gnawing on what is left of T-dog. For the death that will probably bring more joy than sadness, it was Lori’s. People have been hoping for her death since season two, and now she is gone. It was very touching watching Maggie do all she could despite her lack of experience and zombies right outside the door. With no one to turn to but Carl, she did her best. When Lori asked Maggie to cut her open to save the baby, she knew it was the only way. At least Lori had a nice parting moment with Carl before she died. Carol was never shown dead, so we will probably see her later. With Carol running around and those sirens being so loud, I think the group will run into the Governor real soon.

The action in the generator room was intense and it would have been better if Oscar sided with the saboteur, but now it looks like he has proven that he is fit to be part of the group. He definitely earned it after saving Rick. I just hope the writers didn’t do this to simply replace T-dog with Oscar. Despite all of the epic moments that happened in this episode, the thing that shook me the most was when Rick realized that Lori was dead. Out of all he’s been through in each and every season, Lori’s death hits him harder than anything. He collapsed where he stood and cried. I don’t know what’s worse. Rick looking so pitiful, or Carl being completely silent ever since he shot Lori.

My score for The Walking Dead: “Killer Within” is a 9.5 out of 10