Tweetbot for Mac

The popular Twitter client for Mac, which is based off the app for iOS, Tweetbot for Mac, has officially been updated to offer plenty of new features, many of which have been commonly asked for by users.

Tweetbot for Mac, based on Tweetbot for iOS, has now officially been lifted from its 1.5.1 version to 1.6. With it, plenty of new features have joined the party — some of which are carried over from the iOS-based app. In the Mac-based option, you’ll now be able to view/upload multiple Twitter images. If you’re finding yourself accidentally looking at Instagram videos thinking they’re regular images, well, that’s been fixed now with a large Play button that’s been implemented.

Oh, and for good measure Tapbots threw in some bug fixes, too. Tweetbot for Mac is available in the Mac App Store, and it’ll run you a cool $19.99 to make it yours. It measures in at 5.3MB.

[via Tapbots; 9to5Mac]