This week has been bleakly overcast with constant talk of dull, dreary weather and unwelcome torrents of snow. Take a break from the grayness, and bask in the most beautiful things we laid our eyes on this week. It’ll help; we promise.

Don’t Worry, You Can’t Kill These Intricately Woven Wire Bonsai Trees

The intricate pruning and maintenance needed to create a miniature bonsai tree takes years of patience and diligence. But artist Ken To has found a shortcut. Instead of plants, he makes his bonsai trees from intricately twisted and curled wire. So they don’t require any maintenance whatsoever, and will never wither and die. More

Not Even a Samurai’s Wraith Can Fell This Beautiful Wooden Chair

Believe it or not this simple wooden seat isn’t a rare Japanese antique from a pre-industrial time when samurai roamed the country causing mischief with their legendary swords. Nope, it’s a modern piece by Seo Young Moon designed to look like it’s been chopped down at the knees, only to remain standing as its defiant last act. More

These 25 Avant-Garde Concert Posters Turn Advertising into Art

Even at the going rate of 1000 words, accurately depicting the the audiological experience of a headlining band delivers is no easy feat. That may be part of the reason why epic concert posters like these—ones that really illustrate what your ears are in for—often become collectors items at show’s end. More

Is This a Gorgeous Range Hood Or a UFO Abduction Tube?

At some point over the past year appliance makers began a design war to see who could come up with the most innovative and original range hood designs. And with its new retractable Pareo hood, Italy’s Faber has just made a strong push towards victory and bringing an end to that war of aesthetics. More

These Slick Stackable Chess Pieces Track Your Calculated Carnage

It can be easy to forget, but a chess game is a battle. And while you’re sitting there, scratching your chin and trying to feel smart, soldiers are dying at your command. This clever chess set designed by Orr Kislev helps you keep that in mind by leaving all the corpses on the board. More

Most Beautiful Items: February 2-February 8, 2013

An Awesome Native American Technique Gave Us the Heat-Beating Edgeland House

On your approach, you probably wouldn’t even know this house is a house. The front rises out of the ground like the facade of a secret underground lab, but from the back, it’s a giant windowed beauty. It’s called the Edgeland Residence, and it’s a re-interpretation of a Native American pit house. More