You may or may not have been aware that China currently has a console ban and has had one since the 2000. The exactly reasons why this is the case have mostly remained kept under-wraps, but it seemed China didn’t want it’s young citizens to waste away in front of a TV screen. Now, six years after the worldwide release of the PlayStation 3, the console might make its way to China.

The significant move is that Sony have received a safety mark for the PS3 which is needed to sell products in China. This does not necessarily mean China will get the PS3 any time soon, but it is an important step in that direction. You can see a screenshot of the documentation above.

The ban has always been a bit of a gray area as technically, games consoles can be sold if they are advertised as entertainment systems which the PS3 is. The ban has also likely caused a lot of piracy which isn’t good for either party.

As for the PS3′s competitors — Nintendo and Microsoft — neither of them have released their products in China, although Nintendo has gotten the closest. Nintendo sells plug-and-play controllers containing Nintendo 64 games under another brand name, iQue. They’re also releasing the 3DS XL in December with three designs exclusive to China. Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D land will come pre-loaded for free.

Sony sneakily released the PS2 in China by stating it was computer some time ago. Hopefully Chinese gamers will get an upgrade from that pretty soon.

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