Just how do you improve on something that is deemed to be already perfect? Well, I guess the answer is pretty simple – technology and time would have progressed to turn where what was perfect as obsolete, and here we are with an update of the Razer DeathAdder mouse which is touted to deliver additional power, superior performance as well as more control than ever before. The house of trusted and proven gaming peripherals, Razer, has just announced that they have delivered an update to the hugely popular Razer DeathAdder mouse, and it is being set for launch.

The first release of the Razer DeathAdder happened half a dozen years ago – which is a really, really long time in the world of technology. Well, until now, it has remained as the best-selling gaming mouse in the world, and has seen use by countless pro gamers throughout the years in the circuit as their preferred weapon of annihilation – or defense, depending on the situation, of course.

Well, the spanking new Razer DeathAdder’s optical sensor has been given a nice kick in the butt, where it has been upgraded from 3.5G all the way to a cutting-edge 4G infrared sensor. Needless to say, this upgrade would mean improved performance and precision, where it is touted to be the world’s most powerful optical sensor, being able to achieve up to 6400 dpi resolution without having to sacrifice the natural tracking feel of an optical sensor, and neither does it yield the robotic sensation of a comparable laser option.

Coming in its iconic right-handed ergonomic shape, this is definitely a drawback for southpaws. After all, only right handers are able to use the new DeathAdder (and the old, of course), but the hardware now features a built-in textured rubber side grips to deliver better mouse control and grip. Synapse 2.0 support has also been thrown into the mix, and the new Razer DeathAdder will retail for $69.99 if you live Stateside, or if you are residing across the pond, it will cost you 69.99.

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