Late this past spring, we heard about the first microSD card that would hit the 64GB mark, setting new limits for how much data you could store on your smartphone. While the cards were announced months ago, they’re just now becoming commercially-available products, and SanDisk is the first to bring one to market.

We had guessed back in May that one of these 64GB cards might fetch somewhere in the $200-300 range, and that’s pretty spot-on; SanDisk’s 64GB card goes for about $220. Obviously, you’re paying a premium for getting all that data crammed into one tiny package. An 8GB microSD card with the same speed rating (class 6) can be had for $11, which comes out to about $1.38 per gigabyte. For this 64GB card, you’re paying $3.44 per gigabyte, or two and a half times as much.

Then there’s the problem of compatibility to deal with. The new 64GB card is a microSDXC device, not just the SDHC we’re familiar with. SDHC tops-out at 32GB, and smartphones will need to be able to communicate with SDXC cards in order to take advantage of their increased storage space. We’ll absolutely start seeing SDXC support in future phones, both as the prices of the cards drop, and user storage needs grow. For the moment, at least, you’ll have to be content at 32GB.