TMobile iPad

Pretty soon Apple fans that are stuck on T-Mobile won’t have to deal with unlocking their phones. During a Deutsche Telekom shareholder meeting it was announced that the US arm of the company has reached an arrangement with Apple to start carrying iOS products in 2013.

Many people have gone ahead and unlocked their iPhones in order to bring them to T-Mobile. When the iPhone 5 was announced, T-Mobile even offered to unlock iPhones for their customers. As a result, despite not selling the phone directly, there are already a significant number of iPhone users on T-Mobile, and the company has worked hard over the last year to make sure their 4G network was compatible. With the MetroPCS merger, T-Mobile even has a budding LTE network that can support the iPhone 5 as well.

T-Mobile has been the only major US network not to carry any of Apple’s mobile products. Deutsche Telekom wasn’t yet willing to go into great detail about the agreement made, or the specific products that T-Mobile will be carrying. The only thing we know is that an agreement was made for 2013 to start carrying at least one Apple product.

When Sprint finally started carrying Apple products, stores offered both the current and the previous generation of the iPhone, offering them at two different price points for consumers unwilling or unable to buy the top of the line. Meanwhile, Verizon Wireless first offered WiFi iPads with Verizon hotspots before finally carrying the iPhone. While it seems most likely that the iPhone 5 or possibly even the iPhone 5S is what will be headed for T-Mobile, there are still plenty of details missing.

During the conference call, Deutsch Telekom also spoke briefly on exploring alternative pricing models, which could point to data only plans similar to what is seen on other carrier for the iPad and iPad Mini. It’s also possible that T-Mobile could opt to offer a separate plan for users who want to take advantage of FaceTime on HSPA+ or LTE, something we have seen from AT&T. If Apple is able to announce that the iPhone 5S is available on all four major US carriers, the company will have been able to accomplish what only Samsung has been able to do previously with the Galaxy S3.

via TMoNews and PCMag