Adorables is appropriately named, because the app stars an array of creatures with pudgy bodies and cute little expressions. As the story goes the Adorables are in charge of creating the aurora borealis, but they lost their ability to fly and need your help to control the night skies.

This is a game that uses Pachinko style gameplay, so players will tap and hold on the screen to send the balled up Adorables up into the air, and then tilt the iPad to control where they drop.

The goal is to hit all of the pegs on the board multiple times, which rewards you with stars. You’ll also need to grab up the different parts of the rainbow, and you’ll earn the maximum score if you can hit all the pegs three times and get the entire rainbow before the timer runs out.

If you manage to complete all the goals in each level you will be rewarded with a cute scene, a high score, and the ability to move on to the next level (you need at least a single star or you will need to replay the level). Levels get more complicated as you progress through the game, with the addition of new bumpers and blocks that you must navigate around.

Unfortunately, though this game is cute, the controls are hard to use. You need to tap on the screen, but this doesn’t send the Adorables bouncing around as it should in a typical Pachinko game. Instead, you need to hold them in a beam of light to lift them up, which is a bit tedious, because you also need to tilt your iPad at the same time.

The whole control scheme feels overly complicated and it is frustrating to use, which is disappointing because the concept and the art in the game are great. I will say, though, that though the controls aren’t great, you can adjust to use them more efficiently after a few levels.

The game is a bit better once you adjust to the control scheme, and I think kids in particular will enjoy it. There are 60 levels in five different worlds to play, along with 45 achievements to earn and Game Center leaderboards.

This is a game that’s free to try, but you will need to pay $0.99 to unlock the rest of the game after you finish the first world.

What I liked: Adorables has a fun theme, a good concept, and for lack of a better word, an adorable cast of creatures.

What I didn’t like: The controls are hard to adjust to, and could use improvement.

To buy or not to buy: The Adorables is game that is free to try, so it’s worth checking out, and it’s definitely a game that kids will enjoy thanks to the bright colors and the cute characters.

  • App Name: The Adorables
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.2
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Thumbstar Games
  • Price: Free, $0.99 to unlock all levels
  • Score: