Are you all ready for Thanksgiving dinner? Most of you have probably already started cooking your pies, potatoes, sweet yams, but if you’re still in need of the perfect cranberry sauce or a delicious side dish, make sure to check out this list which is filled with the best recipe apps you will find in the App Store.

Allrecipes (Free) – With the app, you’re able to search through all the content on the website. Search for recipes by occasion and cuisine and narrow it down by cooking method (baked, grilled, roasted, etc.) or the time required for preparation as well as the ingredients required. This app is filled with thousands of great food ideas, so if you’re in need of a way to spice up those green beans or you want to try a new mashed potato recipe, this is the app to download. Recipes are member tested, so you can find the best tasting stuff without a hassle.

Epicurious Free – Not only can you use this app to access all of the recipes from the website, it will give you access to tasty meals made by famous chefs and those published in respected magazines. Save your favorite recipes in your virtual recipe box and share them with your friends and family once you are sure they are delicious and worth another taste. Many of the recipes in this database even contain nutritional information, so you’ll know exactly how many calories are in that turkey dinner. If you want a gourmet Thanksgiving meal, make sure to download Epicurious for inspiration

Appetites (Free) – If you’re a cooking dunce that doesn’t know how to knead dough or whip milk into cream but you need to whip up a tasty Thanksgiving meal to impress your guests, Appetites can give you a few tips. This app has step-by-step video instructions and comes equipped with more than 30 video recipes for a variety of tricky dishes. With this video guide, your entrees will turn out perfect every single time, and you’ll be mastering complex techniques in no time at all. Want to look like a pro this year? Appetites is the key.

Paprika Recipe Manager ($4.99) – For those of you who can’t live without organization, use Paprika to corral all of your Thanksgiving recipes in one easy to find place. This app is great for keeping track of recipes that you’ve gathered from friends, books, and cooking websites. Paprika offers support for more than 190 different recipe sites, so you can find all of your favorites and store them all year long in this handy recipe manager. Cooking a great meal is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent organization – with Paprika, your recipes won’t go missing and you won’t accidentally skip a crucial step.

How to Cook Everything ($9.99) – Is this your first Thanksgiving on your own? Not sure how to brine your turkey? Worried if deep frying is the best way to prepare it? If you need cooking help, How to Cook Everything is the app that will teach you hundreds of different preparation and cooking methods that will help you churn out fantastic food. This app comes with more than 2,000 recipes and 400 how-to illustrations, so it will also give you plenty of inspiration on what to whip up for the holidays.