iPad Valentine

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. If you struggle and fret over the perfect gift, only to make a last minute decision in hopes that your sweetheart will at least appreciate the thought, you can skip all of that mess and buy your beloved an iPad. Starting today, Apple is offering free engraving on all models of iPads and iPods. Order now and get it in time for Valentine’s Day.

Apple has made it easier than ever to help you make your Valentine’s Day a perfect one. Not only will they engrave your device for free, they’ll ship it for free (for purchases over $50) and even give you a timeline of when it has to be ordered, if you want it delivered in time for the lovey-dovey holiday.

Currently, procrastinating lovers can wait until as late as January 30th to receive their engraved iPad mini by February 14th. If you don’t need engraving, you can expedite the shipping and wait until February 5th. If you want to send your sweetie an engraved iPad with Retina display, you’ve got until February 1st. If you don’t feel the need to personalize it, you can wait until as late as February 11th and order expedited shipping to receive it by Valentine’s Day.

This year, don’t get your best girl a wilted bouquet of roses that will die in a week. Give her the entire universe in the palm of her hand. Give her an iPad. Make it an even bigger surprise and hide it under a box of chocolates. That will really make her day!