You can’t get more niche than a phone accessory that’s also a phone, but that’s exactly what Japanese network Willcom has got here in the miniscule WX03A “strap phone” – a candy-bar handset that attaches to another phone. The device weighs in just 33g, crammed in a 32 x 70mm frame boasting a thickness of 10.5mm – which, as you can see, compares favorably with a packet of curiously-named Japanese mints. With the space at a premium, features are very thin on the ground; no Bluetooth, memory card slot or even email functionality. There is, however, an infrared connection (for exchanging contacts), microUSB port, headphone socket and a battery capable of 300 hours standby. Those genuinely interested in carrying two handsets can pick one up in December, and we hope to see in-the-wild pictures of lop-sided, dual-phone nunchucks soon after.

Article: RSS via Engadget Mobile