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What are the advantages of using Yahoo! Mail? If you receive a lot of email on a regular basis, and you need to open more than one email at once, the Yahoo! Mail user platform comes with a perfect feature for you. The ability to open up multiple emails simultaneously in different tabs separates Yahoo! Mail from some of its competitors.

With the vast options available on the internet for email accounts, most people do not put in much thought into which provider’s services they choose. Many assume that all the major email service providers offer the same features, but in reality, they all have their own pros and cons that make them suitable to different groups of people. Yahoo! Mail has a number of features that makes it a highly desirable email service provider.

For those who have email accounts with multiple email service providers, Yahoo! Mail offers a unique feature whereby you can check all your POP accounts from your Yahoo! account. This option is a big time saver since you can receive and send all your emails from one place. You can add multiple Yahoo! Mail accounts to a single account, so you do not need to waste time every day logging out of one account and into the next.

Attaching large files to email messages is often a headache for many, but with Yahoo! Mail, your worries are likely to go away. You can attach up to 2GB in each mail, since Yahoo! Mail is equipped with a mechanism that shrinks email messages before sending them. To compliment the 2GB attachment limit, unlike many of its competitors, Yahoo! Mail does not have an account storage limit.

A Yahoo! Mail account allows you to access a number of Yahoo! products, including Yahoo Answers and Yahoo discussion groups. You can also integrate various apps including a calendar, Evite and Flickr photos. Yahoo! Mail has a number of features that allow you to organize your online life. You can create folders and set up rules and filters to direct mail to their designated folders automatically, making them easier to go through as well as look back on if needed. Emails from different accounts can be color coded differently.

The best thing about Yahoo! Mail is that it provides all of its services for free. If one wishes to further enhance their email experience, they can upgrade their account to a Yahoo! Mail Plus account for a minimal yearly fee. This upgrade allows users to access their Yahoo! Mail from any POP email clients. Those who purchase Yahoo! Mail Plus will also notice a less cluttered interface since this version is advertisement free.

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