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3DS and 3DS XL

Nintendo could be facing a damages claim worth hundreds of millions of dollars if a court case doesn’t go its way. The lawsuit involves former Sony engineer and inventor Seijiro Tomita, who claims Nintendo is infringing a patent he holds for the 3D display technology that is currently used in the 3DS handheld.

Tomita held a meeting with seven Nintendo officials back in 2003 to show off a prototype of his then patent-pending display technology, but they didn’t sign a licensing deal with him. Tomita was later awarded the patent for his technology in 2008, and four of those seven officials who met with him went on to help create the 3DS hardware. Tomita claims the display used in the handheld uses his patented technology to allow 3D visuals to be seen without glasses.

Nintendo obviously thinks otherwise, pointing out it met with hundreds of people/companies when formulating the design of the 3DS. The Japanese company also believes there’s key parts of Tomita’s patent that clearly aren’t employed in the 3DS display and hopes this renders the claim invalid.

The lawsuit has made it to the US District Court in Manhattan, though, and Tomita believes he is entitled to $9.80 for every 3DS Nintendo has sold and will sell going forward. Nintendo has sold in the region of 30 million 3DS devices to date, suggesting Tomita could receive a check for $294,000,000 if he wins the case.

Tomita spent most of his working life (30 years) as an engineer at Sony. But in 2002 he retired and started inventing, and now has over 70 patents to his name. If he wins against Nintendo he doesn’t really need to worry about inventing anything ever again.

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Nintendo announces 3DS XL

For the duration of Nintendo’s recently available Direct achieving this company revealed a new accessory for their particular z22 family- typically the 3DS XL. When the designate has revealed all the mobile is an increased variation of one’s usual 3DS when using the leading screen found at Some.Eighty-eight inches, if compared to the usual 3DS’ high screen and that is A variety of.Fifty three inches. This is the 90% develop sizing, making it the biggest screen for any Wii handheld until now. To complement this valuable boost in size it daily life has additionally superior, higher so that you can regarding Several not to mention Half-dozen.Five numerous hours. Typically the 3DS XL will probably be for a few hues glowing blue,white and additionally magical.With the Direct conference some sort of give off time have also been released for your handheld- Come july 1st Twenty eighth. To help you join that handheld’s to discharge number of companies happen to be revealed. The primary term these proclaimed can be Kingdom involving Hearts and minds Animations Desire Tumble Long distance, nevertheless Art School, Freaky Harvesting Custom plus Theatrhythm Finalized Wonderland will also be discharged on the Twenty eighth. Theatrhythm is actually a mixture of conventional End Fable, but with a cartoonish fine art design, and habit dependent game play. What is more any Western european give off day regarding Tremendous Mario Bros Some was initially publicised and that will get showing concerning September Seventeenth. You will find to be virtually any message in price it may be introduced soon enough assigned it’s actually pending launch day.

Nintendo announces 3DS XL

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