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It’s time, ladies and gentlemen, the first full year of Angry Birds having a whole separate game dedicated to seasons is done, and your question has been answered: yes, Rovio will make a new Halloween expansion each year, not just the first! For those of you out there not having followed Angry Birds since the beginning, there was originally an Angry Birds standalone game and an Angry Birds Halloween standalone game. Once the Halloween game became nearly as popular as the original, Rovio got wise and continued the holiday theme, eventually combining them all into one single collection called Angry Birds Seasons – that tradition continues here with the expansion that started the whole thing: Halloween.

What you’ll be able to see here is several of the speedy tiny blue birds dressed up in classic Halloween costumes heading for a hill that sounds like its full of monsters. They seem all freaked out at first, then laugh with one another because they know they can handle the danger, no big deal. Once they approach the hill, they find a bucket full of candy. This bucket also seems to contain a small creature which we do not get to see in the flesh.

What we must assume here is that the monsters the three blue birds imagine will be boss-like bad guys at the end of every set of Halloween levels, for one. For two, the thing in the bucket, whatever it is, seems like it’ll be a new character fighting on the good guys’ side. Teeny tiny little bird of some sort, what will your powers be? Will you bring candy to me? We shall see!

BONUS: the folks at AngryBirdsNest have suggested that since this expansion is likely to be released around Halloween, the same time as rumors place the classic Tim Burton stop-animation musical masterpiece The Nightmare Before Christmas in theaters again in 3D, that this Angry Birds expansion might be a collaboration with the folks at Disney, the current distributors of the film. Rovio did a similar thing with the movie RIO when it was released, creating an entire spin-off game for the film.

What do you think? Is that candy-cane in the bucket of Halloween candy enough of a clue for you? Jack Skellington, will you be our new Angry hero?!

A Better Angry Birds?

The best playing games app can’t get any greater, can it? University students around the Copenhagen Foundation associated with Discussion Layout contemplate for that reason. Hideaki Matsui together with Claire Spitz established, Really Angry Birds, an actual controller including a slingshot in addition to detonator to your trendy activity. The video beneath exhibits this mobile phone regarding. Fundamentally, the particular devices attach using USB. Your slingshot are generally led down or up as well as its motorized slider allow you to relieve typically the chickens just as you might for a touch television screen. Dork.web has got more to do with the ins and outs of methods truely does work. Together with the creators have no offers distribute the 780. It’s such accurate power over a game title its enjoyable to come up with the other game controllers is feasible.

Better Angry Birds

You just can’t get away from Angry Birds. They are really with terrain, in the air in house. Any time you can’t combat all of them, perhaps you may at the same time enroll in them when you purchase these kinds of Angry Birds Spot Stuffed w/ Noise games.These types of 5″ plush creatures forces you to teeth while you fit not to mention curl them all and since an additional, they also have sound clips. All of your favored irritated parrot buddies are usually in this article. Make a choice from Crimson Space or room Parrot, Black Room or space Chook, Azure Headgear Bird, Inexperienced Excess fat Hen, Crushed ice Bird, and even Blue Small rodent and / or obtain the whole of the set if you have room in your home ample as part of your colony.

Angry Birds Space Plush Sound01

Angry Birds Space Plush Sound02

Amazing Angry Birds Cake

I’ve witnessed as well as published a number of fairly fantastic Angry Birds cakes during the past including an amazing as well as totally playable Angry Birds cake, however think this may you need to be the most beneficial wanting one I have seen. Apparently someone named Noah were built with a actually content birthday bash on this great cake!This original Angry Birds cake that has a number of the birds and pigs you’ve reach like was created through Cakes By means of Maureen. If My partner and i previously really want a great Angry Birds cake, this is that I’m going to use having seen how good many people would for this cake! However, I personally wouldn’t choose to take this because doing so appears to be so good!

Angry Birds Birthday Cake01

Angry Birds Birthday Cake02

Angry Birds Birthday Cake03

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