Amazon’s, the popular audiobook service, has had an iPhone app since 2010. Today, however, the company updated its app, finally adding support for the iPad and the iPad mini. The Audiobooks from Audible app is now universal and downloadable on any iDevice.

The new tablet-optimized app takes advantage of the iPad’s screen size to deliver what Audible calls a “visually stunning and more engaging library browsing and playback experience,” which should mark a huge improvement from look of the smaller iPhone app expanded on the bigger display.

According to Audible, 20 of its consumer base use the Audible iPhone app on the iPad, which has spurred the company to give tablet users some love. “We’re now delivering a vastly improved listening experience for this quickly growing segment of Audible customers, which is also great news for anyone who’s always wanted to try the Audible service on an iPad, says Ajay Arora, VP of Mobile Applications.

If you’re not familiar with, it is a site that sells digital audiobooks, radio and TV programs, and audio versions of newspapers and magazines. It’s primarily known for its digital books subscription program, which provides audio credits for a base monthly fee.


The base price is $14.95 for one book a month, or $22.95 for two credits a month. Audiobooks on average provide upwards of eight hours of listening time, making the subscription a solid deal. Individual audiobooks can also be purchased from the site as a one time deal, but because unfettered prices are so high, the subscription model is far more attractive.

With the new iPad app, you can browse for books right on the tablet, using the app’s new full screen view. Books play by chapter and can be paused any time. A library stores all of your existing books, and a “Me” section provides statistics for overall listening times and a new achievement badge collection that is similar to what is offered by Foursquare.


All in all, it’s a great redesign for Audible customers and well worth checking out if you were considering becoming an Audible subscriber. The Audiobooks from Audible app can be downloaded for free from the App Store.