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We’ve heard the rumors that Rocksteady would not take on a third awesome Batman game but there would still be a prequel somehow. For a rarity, rumors are full on true! Thanks to the latest Game Informer cover reveal, we know Batman: Arkham Origins will grace consoles and PC this fall!

Little details are known about the game other than it takes place years before Arkham Asylum and features a less experienced Dark Knight taking on his robust Rogues Gallery. The cover did reveal Deathstroke on the back so we can safely believe Bats square off against him at some point. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for more info when the May issue of GI hits mailboxes! Just salivate over the Arkham Origins cover after the break!



According to analyst firm Cowen & Company, the hyped prequels for both God of War and Gears of War aren’t the selling juggernauts their previous games were. Gears of War: Judgement fared better than God of War: Ascension, selling 425,00 copies. Ascension diddled out a paltry 360,00 units. Compare that to Gears of War 3 knocking over 3 million out in its first week and God of War 3′s first month’s sales of just over 1 million.

The Tomb Raider reboot and the critically praised Bioshock Infinite however are doing much better according to estimates. Tomb Raider has managed to get into the hands of 696,000 hands in March while Infinite has 665,000 copies out the door in a mere 10 days.

Could this be a sign for the recently announced Batman: Arkham Origins? It too will be a prequel game, handled by a different developer. Both Arkham games have done a stellar sales job but are gamers sick of prequels? Or was March just too packed with other quality titles? Or was it too many GoW games? Let us know what you think in the comments after the break!

Mystery is often a looming element with regards to Batman, aka Bruce Adam, aka The Dark Knight. Actually several spooky in addition to dark problems offers impacted most of the actors similar to Heath Balance sheet, Spiritual Bale, and also naive moviegoers. That’s the key reason why The Dark Knight Dilemma Wedding band is certainly beautifully symbolic of the simplest way sophisticated Batman’s living is actually.Any hoop is often a sum of several components, the place that the baseball bat image handsomely shines with dark-colored which is sandwiched somewhere between several applied stainless wedding bands. Men and women will turn out to be consumed by an individual’s band next to this “bat,” nevertheless the true enigma could be that the ring is known as a bigger picture themselves.

The Dark Knight Puzzle Ring

The Dark Knight Rises will be hitting the big screen soon, so now it is time to collect the action figures. Don’t just buy one. Get the Batman Dark Knight Rises Action Figure Case.Collect them all and relive favorite scenes from the movie! You get a case 12 Batman The Dark Knight Rises Action Figures. each with their own accessories. Each figure measures about 4-inches tall.

Batman Dark Knight Rises Action Figure Case

When you’re buying new Superman hoodie, you’re lucky due to the fact you’ve bought a significant choice available. We’ve shown you your Superman All Look at Mens Zipped Hoodie, the Batman Halloween costume Hoodie, and if a person bat for that side with malignant you’d desire to use the actual Joker Boys Zipped Hoodie. But for the athletic-type nerd exactly who needs hot animal shelter to get his six-pack, look into the snap-up Electricity Comics Batman School Hoodie.This varsity-style hoodie features a Superman plot about the front side, discolored stripes including a drawstring bonnet. 60% 100 % cotton; 40% rayon, Bathe cold; dry very low, Imported, Placed in men’s sizing’s.This particular hoodie may be much more preppy and serious rather than plus can be purchased in a dark grilling with charcoal greyish, adorned through dark colored as well as yellow Superman describing. However, it carries a dominant nerdy feel. Don the particular hoodie from trendy, recreational at night inside Gotham Area, and present this to your Vicky Vale when she’s wintry. Don’t fail to remember which the hoodie is included with part pouches to prevent hands toasty and maintain your current essentials.

DC Comic Batman

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