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It was bound to happen eventually. Google has made its official countermove to Apple’s recent acquisition of Beats, with the purchase of the music streaming service, Songza.

In an official announcement today, Google revealed that they have purchased music streaming service, Songza. The application has been popular on both iOS and Android for quite some time, so its certainly an app that has plenty of credence in the market. Perhaps not surprising, but the 40-person Songza team will now be assimilated into the Google machine. Songza has said on their website that nothing in the immediate future will change, and that the application will continue forward without issue. However, in a related report by The Wall Street Journal, Google plans on incorporating the application/service into its own Google Play All Music service.

As one can imagine, this is seen as a direct reply to Apple’s acquisition of Beats, which included Beats Music, a music streaming service.

Do you, or have you used Songza in the past? What did you think of it?

[via Songza]