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Epic Chewbacca Cake [pic]

If you use the search on the right and look for Star Wars cakes, you will quickly realize that they seem to be about a dime a dozen these days. I can’t even recall all of the Millennium Falcon cakes and Death Star cakes I have posted because there have been so many. However, what there haven’t been many of (if any) are Chewbacca cakes!

This stunning Chewbacca cake was created by the amazing cake makers at Crazy Cakes. Their slogan seems to be “art you can eat” and I would definitely consider this Chewbacca cake to be a work of art! Between the beautiful coloring and the attention to detail on things like the mouth and eyes, this is easily one of the best cakes I have ever seen!

I know this is art you can eat, but I think I would rather appreciate it as art rather than food because I would hate to eat something this amazing because that would mean it wouldn’t be around anymore.

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Star Wars Chewbacca Cake

Chewbacca Cake

[Via: Between the Pages]

Amazing Angry Birds Cake

I’ve witnessed as well as published a number of fairly fantastic Angry Birds cakes during the past including an amazing as well as totally playable Angry Birds cake, however think this may you need to be the most beneficial wanting one I have seen. Apparently someone named Noah were built with a actually content birthday bash on this great cake!This original Angry Birds cake that has a number of the birds and pigs you’ve reach like was created through Cakes By means of Maureen. If My partner and i previously really want a great Angry Birds cake, this is that I’m going to use having seen how good many people would for this cake! However, I personally wouldn’t choose to take this because doing so appears to be so good!

Angry Birds Birthday Cake01

Angry Birds Birthday Cake02

Angry Birds Birthday Cake03

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