Help get rid of your electricity bill in addition to do something great for the environment through the USB Photovoltaic Charger Bonsai to request all your smart phones and other USB powered electronics industries. If you don’t have the connection, chances are that that kit has what you’re trying to find since it comes with enough wrist strap (Nokia I just (3.5mm), Mini USB (designed for Motorola/HTC/Dopod/MP3/MP4), Samsung, target USB, Nokia II (A couple of.5mm), PSP, LG, Samsung i900) in making the geekiest in geeks jealous.With the easy to follow directions, put in place is simple also, you need only hook up a few cabling, insert typically the tree divisions and attach any nine solar panel products. Think of the Solar energy Charger Christmas tree as a small maintenance Bonsai tree for your electronics…And generally if the sun isn’t glowing, don’t worry. All of the Solar Pine can also use AC capability to charge your personal electronics.

USB Solar Charger Tree