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Barbershop hand massager

The way we approach personal grooming seems to change more and more with every passing year. Compared to the Victorian era, getting ready for the day is a piece of cake. However, some aspects of moving to a more casual model of dress has lost us some of the refinery that past generations viewed as commonplace.

If you went to a barbershop years ago, it was normal practice for a scalp, neck, and shoulder massage to follow a shave and cut. Nowadays, we’re lucky if we get the haircut appointment at all, let alone the style we actually asked for. While we can’t ask our hairdressers to do something they’re not accustomed to, we can get the tools to have that experience ourselves. The Authentic Barbershop Vibration Massager is a device that goes on the back of your hand, and uses a 15-watt motor to vibrate 6 ball bearings laterally and vertically to give your hands a little extra oomph when giving a massage.

This of course, has to be used by someone else on you for it to feel more effective on your head and shoulders, but can be used on your legs and arms. The massager has a rubber pad to ensure a good grip, and a chrome exterior on top. While the idea behind this is great, it doesn’t really seem worth the $169.95 to buy something that will make your hands vibrate. It would likely be better money spent on a full body massage.

Available for purchase on Hammacher
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Every now and then, you might want to take a look at your desktop set up and see whether there is a need to change some bits and pieces here and there. For instance, does your monitor need a change? How about the motherboard and keyboard? For those who think that you need a brand new monitor, how about checking out the LG MP76 IPS monitor? Touted to come with a striking design alongside superb picture quality, the LG MP76 IPS monitor will also sport flicker-safe technology so that your eyes will definitely thank you for it if you happen to work in front of your computer for hours on end each day.

This will be a 24″ Full HD monitor that will merge a Crystal Float Stand and LG’s super thin CINEMA SCREEN Design, resulting in a bold, eye-catching statement. Sporting a sleek metallic finish, the monitor itself does seem as though it is floating using magic in a darkened surroundings, thanks to the aforementioned transparent Crystal Float Stand. For what it is worth, this monitor is one that will add a touch of modern sophistication to just about any d cor courtesy of its clean, understated look, and you can also opt to mount it on wall if you want to.

As mentioned earlier, the MP76 would incorporate in-plane switching (IPS) display technology so that you end up with the most vivid, lifelike color expression, making sure that the images rendered are as accurate as possible, and in captivating detail to boot. Not only that, it boasts of an impressively wide viewing angle.

There is also a Reader Mode which would transform the background of any image to resemble that of paper, helping reduce eye strain even further. LG’s TUV certified Flicker-Safe technology would do its bit to virtually eliminate screen flicker, hence helping to protect the viewer from potential eye discomfort. Pricing and availability details have yet to be revealed as at press time.

Press Release
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There are many things that we take for granted in this world. For instance, when we want to know the time, it takes little more than a casual glance as your phone, wrist, or a nearby clock. But what about those people who have lost the ability to see? Sure, there are watches that will announce the time, but what if they don’t want to disturb others around them while they find out the time? Well, now there is a watch that’s been designed with these things in mind.

The Bradley is a new watch that takes traditional elements, and utilizes them in a way that can be read simply by touch. First, you have a regular watch face with raised bars at each hour. Inside of those is a single ball moving around a circular track. By feeling it, and the nearby bars, you can tell the minute. Another ball moves around the edge of the watch, and can be used to find the hour.

Each of the two balls is held in place by a magnet, which means that even if you manage to bump or move the bearings, they will snap back into their proper place. The face is constructed from titanium, while the straps are a combination of cotton fabric and leather. If you’ve been looking for a watch that can be used without looking at it, or are just in the market for something unique, then you can pre-order one by backing the Kickstarter fund (which has already surpassed its goal several times over) with $128.

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“My spider sense is tingling!” I am quite sure that many of us are now too familiar with that phrase, especially when you grew up on a diet of Spiderman, ranging from comics to collectible trading cards, Marvel Clix (remember that? I blew a whole lot of money on what are essentially useless pieces of plastic today), cartoons, movies and video games. Well, if you wished that you had at least one of Spiderman’s amazing powers, and his spider sense would give you a tactical advantage in school against bullies, then it is easier to pick up this $39.99 Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense Shirt rather than find a radioactive spider to bite you.

This is made possible thanks to a clip-on sensor that comes equipped with a vibration motor which is capable of detecting motion from 5 feet away. Turning it on is simple – press and hold it for four seconds, and you are good to go. Anything that is 5 feet away will result in a very slow pulse, while as the object gets closer, the pulse’s frequency would increase, naturally. Powered by a couple of AAA batteries, we are not too sure whether it can detect an incoming punch fast enough. Still got to work on those reflexes though.
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Fans of the Doctor Who series would definitely have watched the shows many times over, so much so that some of those who are more engrossed might actually go down the path of collectibles, which is fine if you are single, but often to the chagrin of your other half because “good money” is deemed to have been wasted on such collectibles. Perhaps you need to travel back in time so that you can find a spouse who is equally in love with the Doctor Who series as you, which is why you decided to pick up the 69.95 Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control, no?

It does not matter what gadget you want to control, be it the TV, iPod, or other compatible devices, you can do so with multiple gestures. There is a quartet of modes in the Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control that will allow you to become a fully-fledged Time Lord – in your own mind, at least. Built to a 1:1 scale, this is a true blue replica that does more than just sit pretty on a display shelf, where it was made by 3D scanning of David Tennant’s Tenth Sonic Screwdriver. Being an officially licensed collectible by BBC Worldwide, who knows, it might be worth something many years down the road. The universal remote control part of this collectible can be used with up to 39 remote control codes at any one time, now how about that?
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Do you still remember the wonders of film photography? What is that? What do you mean, cameras have never used films? You must be one of the modern generation brats who live in an “instant” culture, and the first exposure you had to cameras were of the digital kind. Let me share with you, my young padawan, of the days when cameras still used films that had to be developed in a dark room. In an effort to bridge the gap between the past, present and the future, this UK exclusive 59.99 Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner might be just the tool that you were looking for, as it allows you to scan, edit and share all your 35mm film stock, directly into the smartphone itself (memory permitting, of course).

The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner is completely compatible with both iPhone and Android platforms, where it relies on a direct light panel to evenly and efficiently scan negatives and slides onto your smartphone. Not only that, it will also take advantage of decent Lomo technology so that you can churn out your fair share of slideshows, movies and panoramas along the way.

There is the real deal, and then if you do not have the kind of financial muscle that would make you the envy of the rest of your peers, then a replica of something that is highly sought after will have to do. What am I talking about? Just about everything, but if you so happen to be a fan of the Game of Thrones series, then you might want to check out this highly affordable $299.99 Game of Thrones 1/6 Iron Throne Replica.

Yes sir, this is the throne for extremely tiny kings, being just 14″ in height. Just what kind of material is it made out of? It is sculpted from resin, and hand-finished to boot, which means no two replicas are alike in this world. Even if your last name is not a Lannister, you will be able to get hold of one of these bad boys, now how about that? This is definitely a surefire way to own a conversation starter at home or at the office. Bear in mind that this is an officially licensed HBO Game of Thrones series collectible, so don’t worry about picking up a cheap knockoff.

Are all computer monitors the same? The obvious answer is, of course, no. After all, we do have different sizes of monitors in the market, and all of them do come with various specifications ranging from the resolution to pixel density and brightness/contrast levels. Well, if there is one route that monitors tend to move to these days, it would be the “slim is in” look – and apart from that, there is also the transition towards a smaller bezel size; so much so that the recently released AOC i2367fh monitor looks as though there is no bezel at all. I kid you not – take a look at the image above and tell me otherwise!

The AOC i2367fh monitor can be considered to be a virtually borderless 23-inch monitor, making it the ideal setup for not only workstations but gaming machines as well. Sporting an Advanced High-Performance In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology as well as a whopping 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, we are talking about top notch enhanced picture quality here, where it will be accompanied by higher definition, better color accuracy and greater light transmission.

You will not find it difficult to hook up Blu-ray players, video game consoles as well as a slew of other compatible devices effortlessly thanks to the integrated HDMI port as well as integrated speakers which do away with the need for external audio.

The bezel itself measures a near invisible 2mm, making the monitor look extremely sleek and of course, borderless. Not only that, the AOC i2367fh monitor comes with an artistic design which also boasts of a metallic hook-shaped stand, letting you enjoy two different setup modes of viewing – one as a photo frame style sans a base, and the other as an ordinary function stand. You can pick up the AOC i2367fh monitor for $199 at select retail stores.

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Just how do you improve on something that is deemed to be already perfect? Well, I guess the answer is pretty simple – technology and time would have progressed to turn where what was perfect as obsolete, and here we are with an update of the Razer DeathAdder mouse which is touted to deliver additional power, superior performance as well as more control than ever before. The house of trusted and proven gaming peripherals, Razer, has just announced that they have delivered an update to the hugely popular Razer DeathAdder mouse, and it is being set for launch.

The first release of the Razer DeathAdder happened half a dozen years ago – which is a really, really long time in the world of technology. Well, until now, it has remained as the best-selling gaming mouse in the world, and has seen use by countless pro gamers throughout the years in the circuit as their preferred weapon of annihilation – or defense, depending on the situation, of course.

Well, the spanking new Razer DeathAdder’s optical sensor has been given a nice kick in the butt, where it has been upgraded from 3.5G all the way to a cutting-edge 4G infrared sensor. Needless to say, this upgrade would mean improved performance and precision, where it is touted to be the world’s most powerful optical sensor, being able to achieve up to 6400 dpi resolution without having to sacrifice the natural tracking feel of an optical sensor, and neither does it yield the robotic sensation of a comparable laser option.

Coming in its iconic right-handed ergonomic shape, this is definitely a drawback for southpaws. After all, only right handers are able to use the new DeathAdder (and the old, of course), but the hardware now features a built-in textured rubber side grips to deliver better mouse control and grip. Synapse 2.0 support has also been thrown into the mix, and the new Razer DeathAdder will retail for $69.99 if you live Stateside, or if you are residing across the pond, it will cost you 69.99.

Press Release
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Are you one of those folks who live building up stuff in the world of Minecraft, brick by brick? Assuming you have answered in the affirmative, then here we are with the rather quirky $24.99 Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore which would definitely be an instant hit with with Minecraft fans. After all, basically anything you can dream up of building, why not do it with pixels? Inspired by Minecraft and made by ThinkGeek, the Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore works this way – you need to tap to activate light in low, medium, and bright shades, and it is guaranteed to keep pigmen out.

I guess you can more or less say that this is THE night light for fans of Minecraft, and needless to say, this is also an officially licensed Minecraft collectible so you need not worry about someone knocking on your door in the wee hours of the morning to ask you about purchasing knock-offs. Made out of ABS plastic, it will glow with internal LEDs, and is powered by a couple of AA batteries.

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