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Interested in checking out what the multimedia interface screens of the PlayStation Vita will look like when it is finally released? Since most of us don’t have access to one of the consoles now, screenshots of the console in action will have to do. Thanks to the folks over at andriasang.com, they’ve published 9 screen captures of what the Vita’s multimedia interface. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to demo the console at conventions, you’ll be able to tell from the images that Sony is going to make the Vita’s UI more touchscreen centric.

Those of you used to the original PSP UI will probably get used to more convenient features like an onscreen keyboard you can touch type with and buttons you can press by just tapping them with your finger. Let’s not forget things like scrolling, panning etc – it’s all going to be much more convenient with the use of a touchscreen. Check out the full gallery here.

Sony has confirmed that the PS Vita will be region-free, meaning that gamers should be able to import the handheld and games for it from Japan where it will launch first. Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida revealed the spec tidbit on Twitter, though went on to caution against importing. Last week, it was revealed that the PS Vita would go on sale in Japan on December 17, though US availability has been pegged by retailers for only a couple of weeks after that.

“There are people who are interested in importing the Japanese version of PS Vita from outside Japan, but I personally do not recommend that” Yoshida suggested, going on to explain that “from my experience owning both US and [Japanese] game consoles of everything, there tend to be minor nuisances … Like inconsistency between the use of x and o buttons between system software and games.” Pressed by would-be Vita importers to explain, the exec pointed out that “It’s a legacy, but in Japan circle means “yes”, cross means “no”.”

Nonetheless, it’s likely that many will choose to import a PS Vita if the price is right, given Sony is yet to confirm release dates outside of Japan. In Europe, the console is up for pre-order with several retailers, but none are giving specific availability timescales at this point.

You can’t get more niche than a phone accessory that’s also a phone, but that’s exactly what Japanese network Willcom has got here in the miniscule WX03A “strap phone” – a candy-bar handset that attaches to another phone. The device weighs in just 33g, crammed in a 32 x 70mm frame boasting a thickness of 10.5mm – which, as you can see, compares favorably with a packet of curiously-named Japanese mints. With the space at a premium, features are very thin on the ground; no Bluetooth, memory card slot or even email functionality. There is, however, an infrared connection (for exchanging contacts), microUSB port, headphone socket and a battery capable of 300 hours standby. Those genuinely interested in carrying two handsets can pick one up in December, and we hope to see in-the-wild pictures of lop-sided, dual-phone nunchucks soon after.

Article: RSS via Engadget Mobile

Including 4oD

Xbox Live is set to get a major televisual revamp before Christmas with all the major programming players in the UK due to launch Xbox based entertainment services.

Everything from 4oD and the BBC to Lovefilm and even Blinkbox and Channel 5 will be arriving on Xbox Live. This brings a total of more than 40 entertainment providers now involved globally with Xbox.

Sky already have a significant and highly successful presence on Xbox but expect the new 4oD and BBC offerings to offer some potential competition.

Channel 4 will launch a 4oD app for Xbox Live that will operate largely like its desktop client, allowing you to catchup on tv shows as well as watch older content.

The LoveFilm app should behave largely like that of the PlayStation 3 s, allowing members to stream on demand video to their console.

Microsoft went a bit entertainment partner mad, so much so that there are just too many to list here. If you fancy seeing a full list of Xbox Live entertainment providers then head over to the Xbox website.

The perfect Christmas present for any geek

I’ve just spotted this uber-cool gadget being sold at MobileFun. It’s the Magic Cube Projection Keyboard and Multi-touch mouse from Celluon. For just 129.95, you can beam a virtual keyboard and multi-touch mouse on to almost any surface. It’s a bluetooth device and will work with almost any HID compatible device. Feel free to send me an early Christmas present


Full-sized projection keyboard lets you type accurately and comfortably on any flat surface

If you like to work on the go but find traditional Bluetooth keyboard solutions bulky and uncomfortable, the Celluon Magic Cube is the answer. Packing a full-size keyboard into a pocket-size package, the Magic Cube employs lasers, LEDs and IR detection to project a keyboard onto any flat opaque surface and then accurately read your button presses as if by magic. Within minutes you’ll be touch-typing like you would on a regular keyboard, and wondering how you ever got anything done without it.

Multi-touch mouse mode allows you to switch control to your cursor from your keyboard

In an industry first, Celluon have introduced a multi-touch mouse to the Magic Cube. By utilising an easy to remember keyboard shortcut, you can switch between keyboard and mouse in a flash, letting you get on with working on your documents and emails, and not working on figuring out your keyboard. The mouse supports two-finger scrolling, pinch to zoom and other gestures for natural, easy navigation.

Small size for enhanced portability

Measuring just 75 x 37 x 29mm, the Celluon Magic Cube will fit in almost any pocket. This means you don’t have to compromise between travelling light and being fully prepared, as you can have a full-sized keyboard and multi-touch mouse wherever you go. The Magic Cube charges via an included mini USB cable.

Bluetooth HID support for driverless compatibility

The Celluon Magic Cube supports Bluetooth HID profiles so is compatible with a number of devices straight out of the box. From iOS and Android 2.0+ devices to PCs and Macs, the Celluon Magic Cube will work within seconds with your device letting you get on with your work.


Article: Local via Go Gadget News

Well it looks like everyone’s favorite pocketknife company is readying a 1TB combo USB 2.0/eSATA II flash drive for a CES launch next week – yes, one TERABYTE. From the looks of it, the Victorinox drive will come in black and red finishes with two bodies – one with a scissor and knife, and a TSA-friendly version without. Besides the optional implements, both drives appear to be virtually identical, with a key ring and plastic clasp to keep the drive safely covered when not in use. Once you’ve wrapped your head around that gigantic one-terabyte capacity, take a gander at the built-in monochrome LCD, which will be used to display drive contents and possibly a custom message. All we appear to be missing at this point are pricing and availability, and with an entire terabyte of storage, we can’t imagine this thing will be cheap.

Toshiba has announced a new Toshiba 7200 (and 6200) Smart TV that is truly the best that the company has come up with in terms of software, design, and image quality (at least, on paper). First, it is obvious that the design has gone to the next level as you can see it with the ultra-thin bezel, which Toshiba calls “bezel-less” design. I used to think that thin bezels did not matter so much, until I tested a TV with ultra-thin bezels. Now, the thick bezels seem very distractive… If you have a chance, check those out. Internally, the TV is capable of 240Hz, which is not really a record, but usually anything above 120Hz is a bit hard to notice. The extra framerate is usually used to smooth out motion (sometime too much, but you can tweak it), and provide fast 3D framerate. Note that Toshiba is using passive 3D, which means that glasses can be very cheap (<$15). In terms of absolute image quality, purists tend to prefer active 3D, but it requires more expensive glasses that need to be charged.

Toshiba’s Smart TV is DLNA, so it can stream from countless home media servers and other devices that it connects to, thanks to the built-in WiFi. The company has also added a number of “smart” features, like media guides, web browsing – which all are “classic” smartTV apps. Toshiba Tablets owner can also control this TV with their integrated infra-red (IR) controller. The DLNA tablet can also “push” content to the TV.

While HDTV is a very tough business, it’s nice to see Toshiba improve so much in just one year. The “bezel-less” design is a great idea, and we will play with the user interface when we have a chance.

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