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That Siri gal is certainly making the rounds these days. When she’s not answering your questions on a 4S, she’s showing up on iPads and elder iPhones. Not one to play favorites, Siri’s now lending her considerable talents to an iPod touch. Two enterprising young hackers, euwars and rud0lf77, are the ones who put Siri on the iPod, and you can see the results of their labor in the video after the break. Of course, Apple’s servers still aren’t as friendly as the virtual voice assistant, so Siri’s latest cameo remains a silent one – but some Siri’s better than none, right?


Apple has already launched iOS 5 with the iCloud and the iPhone 4S, but the iTunes Match feature that was promised to also be in tow, still isn’t here. However, today, an on/off toggle for iTunes Match appeared in the iOS 5 Settings app, signaling that the feature is getting closer to launch.

Many users have reported seeing the iTunes Match toggle appear in the Music section under the Settings app. That toggle had been available to developers for testing but had disappeared recently only to reappear again today for both developers as well as the general public.

But if you’re not a developer and you attempt to toggle-on the service, you’ll receive a message to subscribe via iTunes on your computer. And you’ll then find that the service is labeled “coming soon” on your iTunes.

iTunes Match will likely roll out with iTunes 10.5.1, which is still under going beta testing by developers. The service costs $24.99 a year and allows you to sync all your music, including songs not purchased from iTunes. It will likely roll out by the end of this month in the US, followed by releases in other parts of the world later on.

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