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Evade space worms, diagnosis an outbreak in a rural village, and read a little Charles Dickens. Nope, not retelling your dream from last night, just previewing a few of the things you can do with this round of the week’s best iPad apps.

Worm Run: Here’s another game you might get addicted to—in Worm Run, you’re Zeke Tallahassee, a janitor in space who has to run through an endless labyrinth to escape a growing, mutant intergalactic worm. $1

Audible: Sometimes you just want to be read to. Sometimes you don’t have time to read yourself. Audible has hundreds of thousands of audiobook titles for you to listen to, and now it has an iPad app. Free

Solve the Outbreak: A disease has broken out and you’ve got to find out what it is. Use clues, data, interviews, diagnoses, and more to solve the epidemic. It’s like The Walking Dead or the movie Outbreak, only in an iPad game. Free

Google+ iPad app

The Google+ app for iPad and iOS has been updated today, to Version 3.2. The list of new features in this update is not long, but it does include a couple of big user wish list items.

The ability to edit posts is the first of those and iPad users also get the ability to search for people and posts. The update also adds support for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, and allows Google+ page owners to sign in as their page and view and comment.

I have a Google+ page for iPad Insight as well as my personal account, so I’ve been giving all these new features a quick try since installing the update a short while ago.

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iPad Video Apps

iOS 6 – the latest version of the iPad’s operating system – boasts over 200 new features, but it also takes away a few things. One of the those that has drawn a lot of attention is the built-in YouTube app. That app is no longer around on the iPad or other iDevices that have updated to iOS 6.

I know many people miss the YouTube app, but I have to say I never liked it much at all. I found it had choppy and tough to watch video streaming far too often. For a long time now I’ve used a number of iPad video apps which I think are much better options.

So for any of you who are missing the YouTube app in iOS 6 here’s my suggested list of the best apps to take its place. All of these apps have AirPlay support (except Hulu Plus), some social / sharing elements, and great video content pulled from a great range of sources:

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Just as expected, there’s been a big flurry of iPad app updates for iOS 6 over the last few days. The Updates badge on my iPad was over 70 this morning.

I’m happy to see that quite a number of notable, leading iPad apps have issued updates for iOS 6 now. Here are some of those that have caught my eye on my iPad:

  • Flipboard
  • Reeder for iPad
  • Tweetbot
  • Facebook
  • iA Writer
  • Byword
  • Pocket
  • ABC News for iPad
  • BBC News
  • TED Talks app
  • River of News
  • Weather HD 2
  • Gradiance

I haven’t even had a chance to install all these updates yet, but it’s great to see them coming for these stellar iPad apps and others.

Spotify for iPad

Spotify’s iPad app has been updated today, to Version 0.5.6. This update has a single purpose:

Addresses connectivity issues

I’ve seen two issues recently with Spotify on the iPad that seem like they are connectivity related: an error each time I open the app saying something along the lines of ‘this song is not available offline (as if it is taking the app a moment to properly see the iPad’s WiFi connection); and frequent skipping and dropping out when it is streaming songs.

The error on opening has certainly gone away since I updated the app, but I’m still seeing a fair bit of skipping. Perhaps that’s an issue on my side – I’ll need to explore it more.

I’m sure we have some Spotify for iPad users here – have you been seeing any connectivity issues with the app? If so, has this update fixed them for you?

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