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Here we go. With new tablet season in full swing, we take an in-depth look at Apple’s flagship tablet, the iPad Air. Here’s how it compares to every single i…

Logitech Spanish / English Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Black for iPad 2 and iPad (3rd/4th generation) (920-004413)

  • Clip-and-go design: Magnetic clip instantly attaches the keyboard cover securely to your iPad 2 and iPad (3rd Generation)
  • Versatile iPad stand: Holds your iPad 3 at the optimum viewing angle in either portrait or landscape position
  • Instant on/off: Automatically wakes and sleeps your iPad when you open and close the cover
  • Color Black
  • Designed to work for both languages, Spanish and English

The Logitech 920-004413 ultrathin Spanish / English keyboard is the perfect companion for your iPad 2 and new iPad. It features a clip-and-go design which means one magnetic clip instantly attaches the keyboard cover securely to your iPad 2 and iPad 3. Versatile iPad stand holds your iPad 3 at the optimum viewing angle in either portrait or landscape position. Instant on/off function automatically wakes and sleeps your iPad when you open or close the case.


All the mysteries held to the rest when Apple has officially revealed the new generation of iPad. Rumors and leaked information has entitled the latest version as iPad3. This version is no more known as iPad3. The technological world has swapped its name to the iPad 2012.

The un-boxing of the new iPad is showcasing multiple new features of the product. Apple has given the world something to touch and enjoy the numerous alarming features. Apple has anticipated that this tablet will become the hot selling tablet for the year 2012. In the nutshell, Apple has set the benchmarking features in its new iTouch device.

The list of the features of new iPad 2012 is explained below:

  1. New Processor: Apple has launched new iPad 3 with the A5X processor. This processor has quad core graphics. This has made the iPad3 as strong as any high end desktop. iPad 2 was having the dual core processor and was entitled as the powerful tablets of its time. iPad 3 has set a new benchmark and it will give tough time to the competition.
  2. Retina display: The high definition display of iPad3 is the highest display on any tablet. The screen of the iPad3 works on 3.1 million pixels or 2048 x 1536 pixels. The existing applications of iPad will give high display and user can enjoy the apps with much better resolution. Additionally, the display will enthusiast the developers to launch high graphic apps for iPad3.
  3. Cloud computing: iCloud technology that was lauched back in 2011 is the part of the new iPad3. Users can use the iClouding for directly downloading the apps, photos, songs, calendars and music from iTunes. They do not need to use their iPad memory for storing the data.
  4. Weight and design: The weight of the new iPad3 is 662 grams. This device is 61 grams heavier than the old version. The design of the iPad3 is much similar to that of the iPad2. Apple has not worked on improving the appearance of the iPad.
  5. Camera: The camera in the iPad3 is of 5 megapixels. It has ability to capture the 1080 by 720p of video recording. Moreover, it can work over the 60 frames per second. The camera of iPad3 is improved than its predecessor.
  6. 4G LTE: The iPad 2012 is capable of 4G LTE. The iPad3 has great wireless connectivity, as it comes with the EV-DO (3.1 Mbps), dual carrier HSDPA (42 Mbps), HSPA+ (21 Mbps) and LTE (73 Mbps). Users will be able to enjoy high speed connectivity with this device.
  7. Siri technology: The new iPad3 is installed with the siri technology. This will allow the iPad3 to support the voice recognition and the navigations. The new siri technology will support more languages, like French, British English, Australian English, American English, Japanese and French.
  8. Fingerprint proof: The screen of the new iPad3 is fingerprint resistant. It will not make any mark of oil and the fingerprints on screen. The screen is installed with the oleophobic coating.

These magical features have raised the par of competition and set the benchmark for the other tablets. Android will have to work hard for beating the high spec features of iPad 2012.

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Each year, Apple updates the iOS for its valued customers. The upgraded version of iOS offers better performance for the iOS devices. Users of iPhone, iPod, iPad and MAC can enjoy the latest development in their iOS software.

iOS updates eliminates the signs of aging from the smartphones and tablets. Users can enjoy the powering features on their iDevices. There are rumors that Apple will soon launch the upgraded iOS 5 for new iPhone. Stories are still not confirmed and it is expected that upgraded iOS will be introduce in new iPhone, late this year. The updated version of iOS 5 can be enjoyed on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 and third and fourth generation of iPods.

Users will be able to enjoy the upgraded iOS on their iDevices without paying a single penny. Stories are there that iPhone with new updated version of iOS will change the entire use of device. Users will get plenty of control on their notifications. They can configure the way for sorting the notifications. They can highlight which apps should and should not send notification by upgrading iOS. Users are allowed to set the things like they want. They can lock the notification screen with new iPhone iOS. They can also use the pass code for unlocking the notification screen. The notification ease can be enjoyed with the updated iOS 5.

With updated iOS 5, users will be able to enjoy the new story of iMessages with their iPhones. They will be able to send and receive the text messages, group messages and MMS messages from other iDevices. iMessages has bestowed the communication platform for the fans of the new iPhone, now they can create their stories. Users will be allowed to send iMessages for free. It will not be added in their message quotas. They can even cancel their texting plans if their friends have iDevices. They just have to upgrade their iOS Software.

The updated iOS 5 will dictate a new story for the success of iPhone. Users will be allowed to have better downloading speed. They can enjoy downloading different apps from the iTunes and enjoy them in great speed. With upgraded version of iOS 5 for iPhone will support the tabbed browsing with safari.

Moreover, the new story about updated iOS 5 iphone version is enhanced features of camera and photo apps. Users will be able to modify the taken snaps in variety of ways. They can enjoy red eye reduction, cropping, rotating and editing in remarkable manner, with upgraded iOS 5.

Similarly, mailing, face timing, Siri, maps, calendars and miscellaneous features can be enjoyed with the upgraded iOS 5. Users can write new stories with their updated iOS 5 iPhone.

Apple has recommended to update the iOS by connecting the device with PC or Mac. The upgrade iOS 5 is in several gigabytes. Users can download it from iTunes by plugging the iPhone on charging. Or else, they can download the new updated iOS software on PC or Mac and then install it in iPhone.

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When Apple said it had a lot to cover today, they were not kidding. In addition to unveiling a new iPad mini and releasing Mavericks as a free update, among other things, the company also revealed new versions of iLife and iWork for its desktop and mobile operating systems.


Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services, took to the stage today to introduce the refreshed iLife and iWorks apps, saying, “This is the biggest day for apps in Apple’s history.”

All apps have been redesigned to take advantage of OS X Mavericks and iOS 7, and have been updated to 64-bit and integrated with iCloud. The new software will be free with the purchase of any new Mac or iOS device.

ILife, iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band now offer a simpler and cleaner design. Of the apps, Garage Band received the biggest update. Garage Band for iOS now supports 16 tracks (up from eight). If you have an iPhone 5s or a new iPad, that number jumps up to 32. You can also share songs via AirDrop or work on tracks on multiple devices via iCloud. On the desktop version, a new feature called Drummer adds a variety of drummers that can play along with your songs.

In iPhoto, you can now create photobooks on your mobile device and then have a hard copy shipped to you from Apple. Meanwhile, a feature in iMovie called Movie Theater allows you to watch your iMovie clips across multiple devices as long as they’re stored in the cloud. On the mobile side, you also get picture-in-picture and split-screen options, the ability to speed up or slow down clips and other editing tools.

On the productivity side, the new iWork, which includes Keynote, Pages and Numbers, brings full file compatibility and the ability to collaborate with others via iCloud – a move that puts Apple closer in step with Google and Microsoft in this area.


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Gaming, mobile and audio peripherals are some of the biggest attractions at CES this year even more so than the TV’s and PC’s. However one presence that seemed to rise up and dominate at CES 2013 was the Kickstarter projects. I doubt you’ll get any objection the Pebble Smartwatch stole the show. With over $10 million dollars in funding its release has been long-awaited. The Pebble uses an E-Paper display that allows for an amazing watch display with prolonged battery life. Hit the break for more.

The Pebble is much more than just an E-Paper display watch though. It’s a smartwatch that can sink up to your iPhone or Android device delivering via Bluetooth 4.0 Facebook notifications, Email alerts, TXT messages and weather alerts. Different apps are available for it now that allow you to customize the watch face from a binary watch to controlling the music on your iPod. The Pebble uses a magnetic charger which gives it a seven-day charge and in turn allows it be fully submersible and waterproof. The Pebble will be retailing for $149 and with the new magnetometer installed they hope to include many future updates to it.

The Pebble wasn’t the lone Kickstarter wolf though, the Zooka which appeared on Kickstarter as a wireless Bluetooth speaker for the iPad now introduced a wired version of the speaker. My least favorite is the HAPIfork, which syncs up to your iDevice and alerts you if you’re eating too much or too fast. The last thing I need is my iPhone calling me a chubby bunny! Lastly TidyTilt was back at CES with a booth this year. TidyTilt launched a Kickstarter campaign last year shortly after CES 2012 and quickly exceeded their $10,000 goal. In short TidyTilt gives you a SmartCover-esque back attached via a minimal magnetic strip to your iPhone. The back can then be folded into a stand for your iPhone or wrap your ear buds around it and you have a nice clean way to keep your chords from getting tangled. You can grab the original version for the iPhone 4/4s for $22.50 here. That’s all folks for Day 4 of CES 2013!

BoXperiments is the new puzzle game for the users of iPhone and iPad. This puzzle game has 12 levels which let you earn three stars. If you want to beat your friends in completing the puzzle boxes you have to defeat time. The less time you will take to solve the puzzles, more you will be able to beat the clock.

This game is about a little Martian who has lost his boxes in the space as he fall asleep. You have to retrieve those boxes as quickly as you can in order to earn the highest score. When all of the boxes retrieve you will be able to earn points in each level.
BoXperiments is not like ordinary puzzle game. It let you challenge your pals to defeat you in high scores. You can ask your friends to download this wonderful game in their smart devices and can challenge them in defeating you.

BoXperiments’ latest version is being released and is available on the iTunes App Store. With the passing time, new updates will also be offered to the users free of cost.

With the purpose of enhancing user’s interest in game, developers have proffered promo codes. These promo codes can be availed for enjoying free testing. Try this new game and I can bet you won’t be able to save yourself from its spell.

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Best iPhone Games of 2013

I love year-end lists! It’s my favorite thing about turning over the calendar. Here are my picks for the best iOS games on iPhone and iPad of 2013.

Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99 for both the iPhone and iPad version)

Ridiculous Fishing is my vote for Best iOS Game of the Year. A ridiculously (no pun intended?) simple concept had me hooked (again with the puns!) for hours. The game asks you to cast your line and avoid fish as long as you can on your way down. Once you hit the bottom – or once you hit a fish – you start to reel your line in and try to snag as many fish as you can on your way back up. When you make it to the surface, blast those fish out of the sky with shotguns and rocket launchers! If you’ve ever played a mobile game that’s had you saying, “Just one more run. I promise,” Ridiculous Fishing is for you. It’ll have you casting your reel just one… more… time… in the goal of getting that top-tier weapon to blast more fish to smithereens.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time (free for both the iPhone and iPad version)

In just about any other year, the amount of time I put into Plants vs. Zombies 2 would have far surpassed any other game; that should tell you how much I love this game. The first Plants vs. Zombies game is one of my favorite computer games of all time. This mobile-only sequel works perfectly on the iPad, and makes me forget about playing with a mouse altogether. The game has you defend your house from increasingly tougher hordes of zombies by using plants to ward them off. With dozens of plants and even more zombies, there’s no end to the variety you’ll encounter. Since it’s free, there’s no reason for you not to check this game out. Plus, PopCap is doing its part to help keep this game around – every couple days, I get push notifications to return to my game for new levels, new challenges or new seasonal upgrades.

Knightmare Tower ($2.99 for both the iPhone and iPad version)

Knightmare Tower is like Fruit Ninja, except the fruit fight back. And instead of fruit, it’s monsters. You’re tasked to rescue a dozen princesses from an evil overlord, and progressing through the levels earns you coins to unlock new stronger weapons, bigger bonuses and better potions. And once you beat the main game, you unlock a Survival Mode where you can keep playing forever… if you’re good enough to survive. The great art style, addictive gameplay and easy-to-understand controls will hook you instantly and keep you coming back for more. I loved this game.

Hundreds ($4.99 for both the iPhone and iPad version)

What year-end best list would be complete without my first favorite mobile game of the year? This game came out waaaaaaay back in January and occupied most of the time on my flight to and from CES. If you’re looking to show off your iPad’s multi-touch abilities, check this out. This is game is deceptively difficult; you’re asked to make circles grow until their combined total hits 100. The first level is one circle with nothing around it. Hold down your finger and beat the level. Sounds easy, right? Not when you have spikes popping your circles, or when the circles are dancing all around. This made my five-hour flight to CES much more tolerable, and it can do the same for you.

Rayman Fiesta Run ($2.99 for both the iPhone and iPad version)

Rayman’s returned in a big way the past few years. The franchise has seen two awesome platformers make their way to home consoles, and two on-rails platformers – that might be even better! – make their way to mobile. Fiesta Run is the sequel to Jungle Run, which launched a few years back. It’s very approachable for anyone who picks up an iPad, but can really ramp up the difficulty if you want a challenge. Collecting all the lums throughout the levels will require timing, skill and a whole ton of patience. Plus, the game is gorgeous to look at, so even if you’re frustrated, you can sit back and enjoy the art!

Best (of the Rest) iPhone Games of 2013

BEST OF THE REST: Games I Haven’t Tried Yet

My video game backlog is obscene. I buy far more games every year than I could ever get through. There are a handful of games on the iPad that I think I’ll totally love – I just haven’t played them enough (or at all) to recommend them. If you’re looking for some more games to check out, here are a few I’m looking forward to playing.

  • Badland ($3.99 for both the iPhone and iPad version)
  • Cut the Rope 2 ($0.99 for both the iPhone and iPad version)
  • DEVICE 6 ($3.99 for both the iPhone and iPad version)
  • Pathogen ($0.99 for both the iPhone and iPad version)
  • The Room Two ($4.99 for both the iPhone and iPad version)
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