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Bored of quantifying your self already? Why not quantify your pet instead? FitBark is a Fitbit style health tracker for your under-walked canine companion. We’ve covered this (frankly) barking mad gizmo before, back in May, when its creators were exhibiting at Hardware Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt NY but they’ve now taken to Kickstarter to raise funds to get the device out in the wild. Again.

It’s actually FitBark’s second attempt at Kickstarting the gizmo. As Gigaom points out, its creators pulled an earlier attempt at crowdfunding the device in order to rethink the business model, scrapping the monthly subscription fee and opting for a fixed price-tag of $69 via Kickstarter or $99 for general retail.

FitBark are after $35,000 to cover manufacturing costs this time around, and are more than half-way to achieving the target with 32 days left to run on the campaign – so crazy or otherwise, this is one hardware startup that’s pretty much a dead cert for its first manufacturing run-around-the-park at least.

Now I say barking mad but that’s mostly tongue-in-cheek, being as FitBark is not the only health tracker angling for pet owners’ cash. Whistle, a startup backed by $6 million in Series A funding, launched a $99 wearable activity tracker for dogs only last month. There’s also Tagg, which combines activity and location tracking by including GPS in its device. So underestimate the pet-owning dollar at your peril.

So what does FitBark actually do? Attach it to your dog’s collar and it tracks daily’s activity levels, sending the data back to FitBack’s servers when your smartphone is in range, or throughout the day if you purchase a dedicated FitBark base station (and keep you pet penned up at home while you’re out). The latter scenario would allow owners to keep remote tabs on their pet’s activity levels when they’re not at home, but unless you own a mansion (or employ a dog walker) your dog isn’t going to be able to do a whole lot of running around without you. FitBark then crunches all the activity data, offering customisable daily activity goals, and delivering the results back to you via an app. So far, so kinda sane.

At its more barking mad fringe, the FitBark also lets pet owners compare – well, they say “unify” – their own fitness with their dog’s fitness/activity. So yeah, boasting that you are fitter than Fido is apparently a thing now…

FitBark is also the first platform that leverages existing APIs of human fitness trackers to bring you a unified view of your fitness level and that of your dog. From the outset, FitBark will seamlessly receive input from your Nike Fuelband, Fitbit, Withings Pulse, or Bodymedia Fit. We’ll look to expand the list as we learn about new open APIs or partnership opportunities. If you’re not only a devoted dog parent but are also serious about tracking your own fitness, you’ll love this.

Gaming, mobile and audio peripherals are some of the biggest attractions at CES this year even more so than the TV’s and PC’s. However one presence that seemed to rise up and dominate at CES 2013 was the Kickstarter projects. I doubt you’ll get any objection the Pebble Smartwatch stole the show. With over $10 million dollars in funding its release has been long-awaited. The Pebble uses an E-Paper display that allows for an amazing watch display with prolonged battery life. Hit the break for more.

The Pebble is much more than just an E-Paper display watch though. It’s a smartwatch that can sink up to your iPhone or Android device delivering via Bluetooth 4.0 Facebook notifications, Email alerts, TXT messages and weather alerts. Different apps are available for it now that allow you to customize the watch face from a binary watch to controlling the music on your iPod. The Pebble uses a magnetic charger which gives it a seven-day charge and in turn allows it be fully submersible and waterproof. The Pebble will be retailing for $149 and with the new magnetometer installed they hope to include many future updates to it.

The Pebble wasn’t the lone Kickstarter wolf though, the Zooka which appeared on Kickstarter as a wireless Bluetooth speaker for the iPad now introduced a wired version of the speaker. My least favorite is the HAPIfork, which syncs up to your iDevice and alerts you if you’re eating too much or too fast. The last thing I need is my iPhone calling me a chubby bunny! Lastly TidyTilt was back at CES with a booth this year. TidyTilt launched a Kickstarter campaign last year shortly after CES 2012 and quickly exceeded their $10,000 goal. In short TidyTilt gives you a SmartCover-esque back attached via a minimal magnetic strip to your iPhone. The back can then be folded into a stand for your iPhone or wrap your ear buds around it and you have a nice clean way to keep your chords from getting tangled. You can grab the original version for the iPhone 4/4s for $22.50 here. That’s all folks for Day 4 of CES 2013!

Larian Studios, is happy to announce that their KickStarter campaign for Divinity: Original Sin reached its funding goal. This allows for Larian to offer a more expansive and in-depth game, as well as Linux and Mac versions.

Divinity: Original Sin is an open world RPG that features a turn based combat with both single and co-op modes. Shipping with the game is the editor that the developers used to make the game, which makes Divinity, the first RPG in quite some time to feature an editor that supports multiplayer.

Read on for all the official details and press release.

Key Features:
Class-Free Progression – Choose skills, abilities, and gear to create the character that ‘you’ want.
Cooperative Play – Drop-in/drop-out cooperative multiplayer with full-featured RPG gameplay for both players.
Skill and Spell Combos – A block of ice can be melted with fire, turned into a lethal pool of electricity, and refrozen into a slippery trap. This is one example of the many interactions possible.
Meaningful Dialogue – For better or worse, your conversations have actual and noticeable impacts in the game-world. When playing cooperatively, both players have a say in the outcome.
Open-World Gameplay – No artificial constraints to keep players from exploring the world or level-scaling to coddle you. If you are too weak for an area, you will quickly learn your lesson.
Editor – Full suite of editing tools – the same used by the developers – to create completely new environments and adventures.

About Larian Studios
Larian Studios is an independent game developer located in Ghent, Belgium. The company develops all kinds of games for all kinds of platforms that are played by millions of people all over the world, with some of the best-known being the Divinity RPG series.

Pertinent Details

Developer: Larian Studios
Publisher: Larian Studios
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Genre: Cooperative (or SP) Turn-Based Fantasy RPG
Release Date: Later this year
Price: TBA

Cue up the Sarah McLaughlin music and imagine a lonely virtual kitten in need of your assistance. Lost And Found Games are seeking funding for CatLand, an interactive pet app, and have started a Kickstarter campaign. Your donation can save the lives of many virtual cats and will help them find homes on the smartphones they deserve.

Catland is similar to the Tamagotchi‘s that were so popular a few years back. If you are unable to have a pet for any reason, why not have a virtual pet? CatLand also features a check in feature that offers entertainment and a change of scenery for your fake feline friend.

Check out the video below and remember being a cat lady is only crazy if you are found out. Keep your secret safe by being a virtual cat lady with CatLand.

American McGee‘s Spicy Horse has revealed that it’s working on a re-telling of the Oz story called OZombie. Dorothy, Toto, the lion and the tin woodsman are the games protagonists while the scarecrow is now a villain still seeking brains! Dorothy abandons her basket and now wields a repeater.

Described as an “Oz not of our remembering”, OZombie mixes the undead with the perfect setting of the beloved Oz that has captured our hearts and minds for many years.

OZombie will possibly be the first of two new projects Spicy Horse has on tap. The other being, Alice: Otherlands. The studio is hoping to gain the Alice rights from EA and if an agreement is met, they may go ahead with the familiar Alice setting next and perhaps try a Kickstarter campaign for OZombie. Fan response to OZombie is strong, and American McGee has even stated he’s possibly leaning towards Oz first.

Kickstarter on Friday announced a small new feature that the company hopes will make it easier to discover projects to back: hashtags. The new way of breaking up submissions was added after the team noticed certain themes and trends running anywhere for a week to several years. Kickstarter already has categories, but tags give it a new way to share the patterns and trends it is seeing. Here is how Kickstarter explains the difference between the two: “Tags aren’t tethered to a specific category. Instead they reflect a common philosophy (#Civic), shared subject matter (#Science), themes (#Zombies), accolades (#Sundance), and a bunch of other stuff too.” Kickstarter is in charge of adding and rotating tags, which it says it will be doing “constantly” as new trends pop up throughout the site.

Read the full story at The Next Web.

Actually desired you possessed another choice except for utilizing Instagram’s transportable apps as well as permalinks for the purpose of observing any retrofied photographs? The men and women during D2M most certainly managed, leading to just what it needs to phone call Instacube. All the square device is basically some Seven.5-inch (Step 2.A few inches long heavy), OneStep-themed computer photograph duration purposed specifically indicating along with reaching Instagram photographic enters. Beforehand, a good 5.5-inch Lcd tv touch-screen (700 times 700, an entire image resolution involving pictures about the provider) allows you to engage in between graphics and type anytime. Apart from that, four physiological keys regarding this is handle on top electricity, switching provides nourishment to plus favoriting snapshots. In essence, it seems out there for use on your chosen hashtags the item are able to carry out various Instagram feeds not to mention quickly fertility cycle from your visuals — specialised niche indeed, but always undoubtedly cool.Google’s android extends that demonstrate (no word on the rendition) on a strong undisclosed Equip central processor that may be combined by means of 4GB connected with backup plus 256MB from Cram, though b/g/n Wireless continues the software powering Instagram individually. Speaking with it’s OS, tinkerers has to be grateful to recognise that D2M titans consistently increase it really is purpose, in addition to sometimes open it as many as creative designers. Moreover definitely worth know, Instacube sports entertainment a real built-in standard rechargeable variety, enabling you understand do the job completely untethered whenever the mood occurs.Serious about pledging your very own silver coin to aid deposit this work? A single,500 backers could get found in on their own Instacube for just a trendy $99, after which you can it will eventually increase for you to $150. Yet another A person,500 can usually get some duo with regard to $199, as well as precise same is applicable to a smallish version “vintage spring” renewable variant that will be $249 a piece. Beyond this, majority options are available maxing out on $5,Thousand meant for 42 pieces, not to mention $10,Thousand for the purpose of 20 and then a “Design Experience” through D2M. To sum up, a Instacube venture comes with 30 time to achieve some $250,Thousand funding intention, while using to begin with versions establish to successfully send in Celebration The year 2013 in case just about all runs nicely — ideally we are going to observe not only provides than me well before and then. Go to the mission by supply hyperlink and also videos review beyond the rest for anyone attracted to liberating your Instagram snaps fot it even bigger display.

Insert Coin

Typically the Healthy & Tone is actually an iPad court case that appears to raise the quantity on your iPad audio speaker. It expects to form seeing and hearing audio, building The face-time dubs or some different may require the audio to acquire a significantly better suffer. The actual Healthy & Reliable recently seemed to be to do with Kickstarter as well as being trying to get support to generate the way it is a reality.The actual Safer & Tone circumstances pertaining to iPad is actually a combined intention laborious covering the event supplying both safeguard also traditional acoustic sound which often believes much more an extension cord from your iPad than a second gadget. From the Safe & Seem situation, your main iPad is definitely less compromising as well as appears to be considerably better, not having melting away any kind of it’s service, just like the admission to an intelligent address.The answer showcase this makes your Safe & Seem instance stand out is simply ensure that it is sound music field, which generally displays smart dunes rear for a person on a lone smooth place. Consequently , sensible doing curls reach your the ears by working with more plenitude together with tad disturbance, generating much better, louder acoustics, enhancing your current iPad’s built-in speaker.If you value each side a new Safe and sound & Look increasing situation and also give assistance with it’s funding it can be done comfortably. Some pledge in really $15 could safeguarded you you are required to they help make that straight into manufacture. The exact Harmless & Reasonable by now has just through $1.2000 concerning promises then again would need to reach out to not less than $12.25k to arrive to it truly is initial funds intended; there is always now Thirty day period placed to look. As with several of these kinds of Kickstarter initiatives, web page specified item actually reaches its loans whole doesn’t provide it will probably be put together.There is no doubt the fact that from our knowledge that each one ages of a iPad have symptoms of reduced sound recordings ranges out of the usb presenter, a few other products along with mobile computers have observed a little tremendous loans with sound experience throughout year or so however it is not any iPad. Apple mackintosh is able to forget about the main problem hence necessity for these particular technology that appear to be to implement improved music stages.You think the exact iPad speaker phone is in fact poor and also are you excited about it’s actually amount phases? Can you make use of a case that fit this description upskill that songs rate with regards to your iPad?

New Ipad

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