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wunderlist 520x245 Nearing 5m users, Wunderlist gets support for file attachments as business pricing is launched

6Wunderkinder is making a play for the enterprise market thanks to two new additions to the Pro version of its cross-platform Wunderlist task management app today.

Files – including images, spreadsheets, presentation decks, PDFs and audio – can now be added to tasks. While possibly of use to individuals, it’s easy to see how working teams could find this useful, with a project leader being able to share out tasks such as ‘update our brochure’ while attaching the current version to the task for reference.

Meanwhile, in a more overt play to the enterprise market, Wunderlist now has team and business pricing for the first time. There are six pricing tiers, ranging from $22.99 per month for 5 people, up to $1,749.99 for 500. 6Wunderkinder says that 40,000 teams and businesses already use Wunderlist, and the new pricing includes savings of between 10 and 30 percent over standard Pro accounts, which may well encourage others to take the plunge.

Wunderlist launched Pro accounts in April this year and Berlin-based 6Wunderkinder says that the app is now approaching the five million registered users mark across both paid and free accounts.

Wunderlist Pro

story 520x245 Storify now supports Google+ authorship and posting to Facebook Pages

Storify, the service that lets you create stories by collating tweets and other online content, has added two useful features to allow users to add Google+ authorship to their Storify content, and post stories to a Facebook Page.

A post on the Storify blog explains how users can calibrate their account to include authorship, which adds a thumbnail and details of their Google+ profile to Google’s search results page. Likewise, a step-by-step guide explains how to link a Facebook Page, which is an option that is open to all Storify Business customers.

9629334167 d8f6417370 o Storify now supports Google+ authorship and posting to Facebook Pages

As well as sharing content to their Page – which will override the setting for sharing to a personal Facebook account Timeline – Storify Business users can add a link to their Page to their Storify account to help cross promote the two channels.

Get connected! (To your Google+ and Facebook Pages) [Storify]

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