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If you are a fan of Sci-Fi RPG’s you might be interested in the upcoming game Mars War Logs, releasing in May on various platforms. Developed by Spider Studios, Mars War Logs takes the player to the red planet years after a catastrophic event wreaks havoc on the planet and its colonists. Water has become a scarce resource which propels chaos amongst various factions who seek to control it.

Mars War Logs will present you with difficult choices that will directly influence the outcome of your game. For instance, defeating and killing a human opponent in battle will garner you more money but will cause many characters to fear you. The RPG offers the player total freedom and features an extensive crafting system which allows you to create and modify your gear. Defeat the creatures of Mars by choosing from dozens of skills and perks to develop your character Roy. Choices and actions Roy carries out at your hand directly affect the people you encounter and even possibly the whole fate of Mars.

Check out the video below for an in-depth look at Mars War Logs with the CEO of Spiders Studios, Jehanne Rousseau. Mars War Logs comes to PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in May.

Epic Chewbacca Cake [pic]

If you use the search on the right and look for Star Wars cakes, you will quickly realize that they seem to be about a dime a dozen these days. I can’t even recall all of the Millennium Falcon cakes and Death Star cakes I have posted because there have been so many. However, what there haven’t been many of (if any) are Chewbacca cakes!

This stunning Chewbacca cake was created by the amazing cake makers at Crazy Cakes. Their slogan seems to be “art you can eat” and I would definitely consider this Chewbacca cake to be a work of art! Between the beautiful coloring and the attention to detail on things like the mouth and eyes, this is easily one of the best cakes I have ever seen!

I know this is art you can eat, but I think I would rather appreciate it as art rather than food because I would hate to eat something this amazing because that would mean it wouldn’t be around anymore.

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Star Wars Chewbacca Cake

Chewbacca Cake

[Via: Between the Pages]

For most Doctor Who fans such as myself, their enthusiasm doesn’t usually extend too far beyond Doctor Who t-shirts or maybe even some Doctor Who cosplay. However, the guy that built a TARDIS control room into his house is not your average Doctor Who fan. Considering I don’t know of anybody else who has done anything similar, I would say this guy has earned the title of the ultimate Whovain.

Australian DeviantART user crazyfoalrus (aka Jayman White) had a hexagonal room in his house so he decided to take a year and turn it into the TARDIS control room. He built this entire room himself with lumber that he already had and discarded parts from his job. He even painted the floor and did all of the lighting and electrical work himself.

I am very impressed and slightly jealous! I wish I had a TARDIS control room in my house! Check out the source link below for more pictures.

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Custom Doctor Who TARDIS Control Room

Custom TARDIS Control Room

[Source: DeviantART via Neatorama]

R2-D2 Baby Clothes

It seems like some people, especially females, like to drink too much about how interesting an outfit ideal for a baby. Yet, I don’t believe I have ever spotted what I would most likely consider a adorable baby outfit…until currently! This R2-D2 baby clothes is one Allow me to get on board by means of!Etsy seller TheWishingElephant is certainly selling it awesome R2-D2 the baby outfit meant for $38. Normally, this would be the point where I’d go on an important rant with regard to the cost of kid clothes, exploiting this case, I actually have no issue with the price of that. $38 seems flawlessly reasonable for salad dressing your child up prefer R2-D2. However, in case you dress most people kid way up like R2-D2, I actually fully imagine you also for you to push these around inside of a pod racer baby strollers or an AT-AT baby stroller.

R2 D2 Baby Clothes

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