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Rumors are abound that Sony is set to reveal more details about the much-anticipated PS4. It was widely believed that they would use E3 to finalize details or at least give us more info but now speculation is that Sony will make an announcement as early as this month. Sony likely wants to keep the hype train rolling in their favor after the not so surprising PS4 announcement this past February.

My own personal opinion is that Sony wants to have all details available and perhaps even start taking pre-orders before Microsoft announces their next console. In January Microsoft posted a countdown to E3 on its blog which most people assumed was to be taken as a countdown to the NextBox. However there’s still a chance Microsoft will also preempt E3 with their own standalone announcement. Both consoles could possibly release by the end of 2013.

Eventually I will own both consoles but my first choice and the console I will pre-order in hopes of getting my hands on at launch will be the PS4. I think a lot of gamers have similarly made up their minds regardless of announcements. So geeks, what’s your thoughts on the impending next console generation? We’d love to hear your thoughts on what will undoubtedly be a competition that in the end can only end in a win for us gamers.

So once again we find the month of May upon us, Spring flowers, nice weather (hopefully) and the announcement of the next Call Of Duty. In usual fashion the Internet beat the official reveal to the punch. Rumors were rampant but it was a listing by the online retailer Tesco Direct that really flamed the fire. This week a strange image on the Official Call Of Duty website appeared that has now since morphed into the confirmation that “The Ghosts Are Real” and what appears to resemble the beloved Ghost character from the Modern Warfare series.

If you are a fan of the series it should come as no surprise Infinity Ward will be handling the developing of this years installment of the COD franchise. Tina Palacios, Infinity Ward’s Community Manager, tweeted “soon” a few days ago, which I can only assume was in reference to COD. Officially Call Of Duty Ghosts will be announced today May 1st.

IGN has confirmed the title and release date of 11-05-2013 through a Gamestop promotional poster they were provided with. The poster offers no platform information but it’s widely believed Call Of Duty Ghosts will be available on PC, current generation consoles as well as next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Check back real soon, I will be following up this story with all the details and a trailer once they “officially” become available.

Today’s Xbox One reveal brought with it our first look at Call Of Duty Ghosts. As a long time fan of the series I must admit I’m intrigued by the shooter’s arrival on next generation consoles. While only a small glimpse was given, it appears as if the campaign will attempt to do something COD hasn’t done in years, offer up a touching story complete with characters we will care about. To help pull off this feat, Infinity Ward hired Oscar-winning screenplay writer Stephen Gaghan to pen the Call Of Duty Ghosts script.

Infinity Ward designed a new engine for COD Ghosts which will be a launch title for Xbox One and much to my dismay will continue the timed exclusive tradition of DLC first on Microsoft’s consoles. I guess we’ll have to wait for E3 to find out what role COD Ghosts will play on Sony‘s rival console, the PS4.

There’s a new A.I. system that will show up in everything from enemies to the fish that swim by you during underwater scenes. Dogs will take on a new role in Ghosts and act as a an integral part of your team and were modeled after real life dogs. I seriously hope Infinity Ward and Stephen Gaghan do not use the dogs for emotional leverage. I have built up enough guilt through the years having to kill several dogs called in from enemy killstreaks. I do not need my virtual pet and brother in arms to die for the sole purpose of pulling my heart-strings.

Multiplayer was not today’s main focus but we did learn that COD Ghosts maps will be “dynamic” including earthquakes, floods and player-triggered traps which will offer unique multiplayer experiences.

Far too little information was given today for me to form any kind of solid opinion on COD Ghosts. I’m excited to see what the new generation brings to a franchise I’ve been playing for nearly 10 years. Yet I’m also pessimistic that the COD franchise has what it takes to lead the FPS genre onto bigger and better things.

Here’s the official trailer released today and be sure to stay tuned to Don’t Hate The Geek for all things Call Of Duty.

I recall in late 2011 hearing about a new franchise coming to Sony’s PS3. Little was known about it other than it was rumored to be a survival horror where people who suffered from some sort of infection took on zombie-like character traits. Sure, I was curious, but the game soon to be announced at that years VGA‘s, wasn’t immediately high on my radar.

As I watched, or perhaps I should say, suffered through Spike TV‘s annual gaming awards show, something amazing happened. The aforementioned game that turned out to be called, The Last Of Us, became much more desirable once that Naughty Dog logo was attached to it. I’m a bit of a Naughty Dog fanatic and my mind was blown to learn they had been working on a new franchise.

Now more than a year later, which included one short but no less heartbreaking delay, The Last Of Us is set to debut on a PS3 near you. Naughty Dog’s new IP releases June 14 and it’s almost sad how excited I am for that day to arrive. Months ago I pre-ordered the super deluxe and ber expensive Post-Pandemic Edition. This past weekend I got to play the demo to what I’m sure will be an instant classic.

The Last Of Us demo is somewhat short and consists of an area called The Outskirts. In this small glimpse of the game, you meet Joel, Ellie and another woman named Tess. I’d say aside from an introduction to some of the Infected, playing the demo is unlikely to spoil any of the game if you were concerned about spoilers.

I learned from the demo, that one of the most important defense mechanisms of The Last Of Us will be, sound. Knowing where and exactly what type of enemy you are dealing with beforehand will greatly help your rate of survival. Apparently there will be some type of weapon / item crafting system but in all honesty the demo was much too brief to really understand how it works.

I enjoyed the fluidity of the controls and how easily Joel moves and interacts with objects. Speaking of objects, I’d recommend searching every nook and cranny in hopes of finding items that will help you survive. That shouldn’t be much of a problem since even amongst the decay and ruins of your surroundings, Naughty Dog has crafted an amazingly beautiful and detailed environment for The Last Of Us.

The Last Of Us will be out on Friday, June 14, 2013. I for one can’t wait! Stay tuned to Don’t Hate The Geek for all of your The Last Of Us news, including my thoughts on the game after I’ve played it.

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Current generation consoles

Backwards compatibility has been a feature of new consoles since the days of the PlayStation 2. More recently its removal from console hardware has been used as a cost saving exercise by Sony, and in doing so the company angered more than a few gamers. But according to EA, backwards compatibility is not set to continue with the roll out of next-gen hardware.

That prediction has come from Blake Jorgensen, EA’s chief financial officer, who made the comment during a Q&A session at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference held in San Francisco yesterday.

Jorgensen was talking specifically about EA’s sports titles. He believes the current gen will remain strong into 2014 even if we see new consoles in time for Christmas 2013. That’s simply because such games get released on a cycle to tie up with the calendars of different sports, which don’t always simultaneously tie up with a new console launch. He went on to say next-gen machines “will most likely not be backwards compatible,” which again suggests current-gen will remain a strong platform for sports due to their popularity as multiplayer games.

No explanation was given as to why he thought the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 would drop backwards compatibility.

The PS4 is expected to switch from a Cell architecture to a more PC-like set of components. That does make offering backwards compatibility difficult for Sony, and potentially very costly if they decide to include enough additional hardware inside a PS4 to run PS3 games. But Sony has an ace up its sleeve in the form of Gaikai, meaning it could allow previous gen games to be played without any compatible hardware being shipped.

Microsoft has no equivalent to Gaikai, but it has been pushing full Xbox 360 game downloads through Xbox Live. If it decided not to include backwards-compatibility through hardware support, there could be some method offered using Xbox Live and download copies of older games that can run on the new hardware.

Backward compatibility may be out of the question depending on what exactly constitutes a next-gen console. The growing popularity of mobile gaming and the coming introduction of cheap gaming platforms such as Ouya has certainly changed the market. The PS4 and Xbox 720 may be very different machines. Hopefully we’ll find out how different on February 20.

Ever since Apple introduced the new iPad with a very high resolution display everyone has been waiting for the competition to catch up. Apple then leaped further ahead by adding similar high resolution panels to its MacBook Pro line of laptops. More recently we’ve seen Linus Torvalds suggesting that 2560 x 1600 should be the standard laptop screen resolution, and Google/Samsung introducing the Nexus 10 tablet with a 2560 x 1600 display.

While all that has been going on, Hitachi, Sony, and Toshiba created a new company called Japan Display (JD). Its main purpose was to innovate and develop new display technology. Six months of R&D later, and JD is showing off three new displays and a range of tech at FPD International 2012 in Japan.

The three panels offer HD solutions for smartphones, tablets, and vehicles. There’s a 5-inch 1080p panel that’s 438ppi (a little below Sharp’s new 5-inch screen), a 7-inch 2560 x 1600 panel that’s 431ppi, and a 12.2-inch 1920 x 720 curved display for use in cars. But it’s the new technology that makes these panels stand out as much as their high resolutions.

Both the 5- and 7-inch panels feature JD’s WhiteMagic, Pixel Eyes, and IPS-NEO technology and come in at under 1mm thickness. WhiteMagic supplements the typical red, green, and blue pixels in a display with white pixels. That means you can still view a bright image on the screen even if the backlight is turned off. The advantage of this is two-fold. By turning the backlight off more often you save on power and extend battery life. No backlight and white pixels also make it easier to see the display outdoors.

Pixel Eyes is JD’s method of integrating the capacitive touch-panel directly on to the display. This means the touch display can be thinner, but also is more sensitive to touch input. JD believe this will allow for better pen input alongside the more typical finger tapping. Another benefit of combining the panel and the display is less reflections, which again improves the visibility of the display in a range of lighting conditions.

Finally there’s IPS-NEO, which is JD’s latest iteration of IPS technology. Quite simply it improves the viewing angles of the display as well as increasing the contrast. Overall it’s a better display even before you add in WhiteMagic and Pixel Eyes.

Japan Display hopes to have the smartphone and tablet displays in mass production next year. As for the curved car display, it looks like a work in progress, but gives us a hint at a future where vehicles no longer have any real instrumentation on the dash–it will just be one or multiple displays.

via DigInfo.tv

You may or may not have been aware that China currently has a console ban and has had one since the 2000. The exactly reasons why this is the case have mostly remained kept under-wraps, but it seemed China didn’t want it’s young citizens to waste away in front of a TV screen. Now, six years after the worldwide release of the PlayStation 3, the console might make its way to China.

The significant move is that Sony have received a safety mark for the PS3 which is needed to sell products in China. This does not necessarily mean China will get the PS3 any time soon, but it is an important step in that direction. You can see a screenshot of the documentation above.

The ban has always been a bit of a gray area as technically, games consoles can be sold if they are advertised as entertainment systems which the PS3 is. The ban has also likely caused a lot of piracy which isn’t good for either party.

As for the PS3′s competitors — Nintendo and Microsoft — neither of them have released their products in China, although Nintendo has gotten the closest. Nintendo sells plug-and-play controllers containing Nintendo 64 games under another brand name, iQue. They’re also releasing the 3DS XL in December with three designs exclusive to China. Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D land will come pre-loaded for free.

Sony sneakily released the PS2 in China by stating it was computer some time ago. Hopefully Chinese gamers will get an upgrade from that pretty soon.

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