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Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, the photo-uploading utility that helps move photos from a mobile device into Amazon’s online storage, may have to change its name. Now, the tool doesn’t just support photo uploads, it supports videos, as well. Videos can be manually uploaded one by one, or users can opt to have videos auto-save from their devices directly into Amazon’s cloud.

This automatic upload option was already available for photos through an update out at the beginning of the year, but videos within Cloud Drive Photos had not yet been supported, whether manually or through the auto-upload feature within the application.

Amazon says that videos are restricted to 2 GB in size or 20 minutes in length, whether they’re being uploaded or downloaded from the Cloud Drive service – that’s slightly longer than YouTube’s default setting ahead of account verification. This is fine for the majority of users’ personal videos, of activities, pets, kids or events, for example, recorded on their mobile devices.

After the files are in Amazon’s cloud, the video can be played back to any device, including, of course, the Kindle Fire and other Android tablets. According to a post on Amazon’s Web Services blog about the technical underpinnings to the new feature, Amazon’s Elastic Transcoder service was used, which supports over 20 file formats and 40 video codecs. The team says its goal was to have videos transcoded within 15 minutes after uploading, but ended up achieving videos that are often ready within a minute or two. They also went ahead and processed all the videos stored in Amazon users’ Cloud Drive libraries ahead of launch.

Though the company offers a version of its Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app on iOS devices, too, only the Android version has received the video support at this time. That makes sense because not only is the Kindle and Android-based tablet, and therefore Amazon’s priority, the Android app was also the first to launch, back in November 2012.

The iOS version didn’t arrive until this May, and it serves as a viable alternative to Apple’s own iCloud sync and storage service, with reasonable pricing of 5 GB for free, then $10/year for 20 GB, $25/year for 50 GB and so on, all the way up to 1,000 GB for $500/year. Keep in mind that the storage goes up so high not because users need so much space for photos (and now videos, too), but because Amazon Cloud Drive is meant to serve as a competitor to Google Drive or Dropbox, with support for a variety of file types, including office documents and music, which can also be streamed back through Amazon Cloud Player.

In other words, this isn’t the first time users could upload videos to Amazon’s cloud. This is just making it possible to do so within the Cloud Drive Photos application.

The updated Cloud Drive app is available now on Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore.


Facebook is about to turn your social life into an online newspaper. That’s the takeaway from a new slate of changes the company unveiled yesterday, ahead of its annual f8 developer conference in San Francisco. From now on, if you log in to Facebook after a lengthy hiatus, your news feed – much like the front page of a daily paper – will consist of a list of “top stories,” photos and updates that were posted while you were away, with each high-priority item tagged with a blue earmark. More frequent users, on the other hand, will find a list of most recent stories presented in chronological order, along with larger photos embedded directly within their news feed.

The company has also introduced a new “ticker” feature that provides users with real-time updates on their friends’ activity, displayed along the right-hand side of the home page. Here, you’ll find the exact same updates you’d see on a real-time news feed, with the crucial difference being that you’ll be able to interact with each development without missing a beat. If you see that a friend comments on a cat video, for example, you’ll be able to click that item in the ticker and add your two cents, without having to navigate away from the home screen. Facebook will likely provide more details on these new features at its f8 tomorrow, but you can find more information in the demo video, after the break.

Including 4oD

Xbox Live is set to get a major televisual revamp before Christmas with all the major programming players in the UK due to launch Xbox based entertainment services.

Everything from 4oD and the BBC to Lovefilm and even Blinkbox and Channel 5 will be arriving on Xbox Live. This brings a total of more than 40 entertainment providers now involved globally with Xbox.

Sky already have a significant and highly successful presence on Xbox but expect the new 4oD and BBC offerings to offer some potential competition.

Channel 4 will launch a 4oD app for Xbox Live that will operate largely like its desktop client, allowing you to catchup on tv shows as well as watch older content.

The LoveFilm app should behave largely like that of the PlayStation 3 s, allowing members to stream on demand video to their console.

Microsoft went a bit entertainment partner mad, so much so that there are just too many to list here. If you fancy seeing a full list of Xbox Live entertainment providers then head over to the Xbox website.

That Siri gal is certainly making the rounds these days. When she’s not answering your questions on a 4S, she’s showing up on iPads and elder iPhones. Not one to play favorites, Siri’s now lending her considerable talents to an iPod touch. Two enterprising young hackers, euwars and rud0lf77, are the ones who put Siri on the iPod, and you can see the results of their labor in the video after the break. Of course, Apple’s servers still aren’t as friendly as the virtual voice assistant, so Siri’s latest cameo remains a silent one – but some Siri’s better than none, right?


It’s time, ladies and gentlemen, the first full year of Angry Birds having a whole separate game dedicated to seasons is done, and your question has been answered: yes, Rovio will make a new Halloween expansion each year, not just the first! For those of you out there not having followed Angry Birds since the beginning, there was originally an Angry Birds standalone game and an Angry Birds Halloween standalone game. Once the Halloween game became nearly as popular as the original, Rovio got wise and continued the holiday theme, eventually combining them all into one single collection called Angry Birds Seasons – that tradition continues here with the expansion that started the whole thing: Halloween.

What you’ll be able to see here is several of the speedy tiny blue birds dressed up in classic Halloween costumes heading for a hill that sounds like its full of monsters. They seem all freaked out at first, then laugh with one another because they know they can handle the danger, no big deal. Once they approach the hill, they find a bucket full of candy. This bucket also seems to contain a small creature which we do not get to see in the flesh.

What we must assume here is that the monsters the three blue birds imagine will be boss-like bad guys at the end of every set of Halloween levels, for one. For two, the thing in the bucket, whatever it is, seems like it’ll be a new character fighting on the good guys’ side. Teeny tiny little bird of some sort, what will your powers be? Will you bring candy to me? We shall see!

BONUS: the folks at AngryBirdsNest have suggested that since this expansion is likely to be released around Halloween, the same time as rumors place the classic Tim Burton stop-animation musical masterpiece The Nightmare Before Christmas in theaters again in 3D, that this Angry Birds expansion might be a collaboration with the folks at Disney, the current distributors of the film. Rovio did a similar thing with the movie RIO when it was released, creating an entire spin-off game for the film.

What do you think? Is that candy-cane in the bucket of Halloween candy enough of a clue for you? Jack Skellington, will you be our new Angry hero?!

Samsung Galaxy Note Unboxing

Is it a phone, a tablet…Or both? The Samsung Galaxy Note is sure to evoke some looks from passersby. With a 5.3 inch HD Super AMOLED display the Galaxy Note is one of the largest smartphones available. Yet even with this enormous screen Samsung has kept the design thin and stylish.

In this video we unbox the new 16GB Samsung Galaxy Note running on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread (Ice Cream Sandwich will officially come in 2012). Included with the Galaxy Note is a microUSB sync/charging cable, a wall charger, a white in-ear stereo headset, a capacious 2500mAh Li-ion battery, and an official Samsung Galaxy Note Flip Cover. The cover may be a promotional item as it states on the back “Not For Sale” which suggests it is bundled with the Galaxy Note. The most innovative item included with the Galaxy Note is the S-Pen, which is different from a capacitive stylus in that is will only work with the Galaxy Note and has a secondary action button. Powered by a 1.4 GHz Exynos processor along with 1GB RAM produces one of the fastest stock Android smartphones obtainable.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is available unlocked for around $800 US from Clove. The unlocked version features quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and HSPA+ up to 21Mbps 850/900/1900/2100. Stay tuned for the hardware, software, and final reviews coming up next.

Last week HP announced its business-centric Windows 7-powered tablet, the HP Slate 2. In addition to announcing it, they also gave a sneak preview of what it would be like to buy it through an unboxing video. While the video shows a prototype version of the tablet (some features such as the protective case are missing), it’s basically what you’re going to get when you purchase the HP Slate 2.

There aren’t a whole lot of extras you get with the tablet, but the stand/dock is a nice touch, allowing you to prop your tablet up for when you’re working or watching movies. The tablet looks solidly built, and the presence of a stylus should get some people excited. Other specs of the tablet include: an 8.9 1024 x 600 display, an Intel Atom Z760 1.5GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, Windows 7 (32 bit), Optional 3G, WiFi, a USB 2.0 port, and a 30Whr battery.

The HP Slate 2 is expected to go on sale later this year with a price tag of $699. Check out the unboxing video:




2013 03 09 12h40 53 520x245 Dude records train ride across Australia, turns the resulting sounds into an amazing song

Happy Saturday, comrade. Need a little something to smile about? TNW has you covered.

The excellent @PogoMix, or simply Pogo, took a jaunt across Australia, recording what he saw along the way. The artist’s trip across the continent on Great Southern Rails afforded a great number of visually stunning sights, and accented notes.

The tape was cut, and mixed into something that I can only describe as a sonically intriguing musical jaunt. Hit the clip, and listen how birds’ wings can be an instrument:

YouTube brought this to our attention, for which we are grateful.

Top Image Credit: Travis Simon

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