Apple has already entered into the gaming industry, yet some people believe that they have not still dropped their bomb while other believes that they have already done.

However it is extremely difficult to detangle the content issued on the platform of mobile and gaming industry. The complexity in this channel and network distribution has made the comparison as of apple competing oranges.

One of the advantage availed by Apple is the value of premium platform which also consist of their hardware. They are always considered as the premium choice for the consumer. So when we compare Apple in the gaming industry with giants, it’s like comparing Toyota with Ferrari. The gaming industry already has there premium products launched and owned by huge studios like Valve, EA, Ubisoft and so on. For this industry Xbox 360 and PS3 are premium products and soon they will be coming up with new version like Xbox 720 and PS4. For Apple, their hardware is premium and that industry has worked for them and on the same side of the picture, gaming industry won’t be working as same.

Apple is for sure not the triple-A platform for the gaming industry as they are no great games, expensive games and good looking games. Millions of people play these games and of course they are not only kids.

At this part, it is crucial to note that success of the games for iOS depends upon the numbers of hours played and numbers of downloads. In the same manner, one can say that YouTube is having success because of numbers of viewers hours spend on the site. Godfather for the iOS games is Angry Birds, Infinity Blade, and What is its Shadow of Colossus? But still they are no comparison of apple with oranges.

Apple is playing on eating up the low end users and they are aiming to win volume instead of quality. However the recipe of success lies in capturing the both vertical and horizontal ends. Android and Apple are their first stage and then they will create their end strategy.

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