The competitive community of digital creators and the world’s largest innovation platform has introduced the first two series of open innovation challenge for the development of dietary tracking app to be employed by astronauts of ISS (international space station). This ISS FIT Food Intake Tracker iPad app voice command idea generation and conceptualisation has now launched ISS FIT challenge on its home page (TopCoder & TopCoder Studio registration required). For fully establishing the functioning of iPad app, these two multi phases has been launched for deploying the TopCoder’s open innovation challenge.

This series for the TopCoder open innovation challenge is sponsored by NASA through NASA’s Tournament lab NTL. NTL is an online virtual facility for harnessing the abilities of the TopCoder Community for developing innovative and efficient solutions for the real world challenges that has been widely encountered by the space agency.

The COO and President of TopCoder Inc, Mr. Rob Hughes said that “we are delighted as we are associated with NASA and ISS for the new challenge which is highly specialised algorithm contest. This new challenge will let us appeal broader set of the digital creators and will let us span all the aspects for the generation of ideas for development and delivery through innovation.”

Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory of NASA, in the performance and health directorate at Johnson space center basing in Houston, Texas is trying to seek open innovation solutions for the dietary intake of the crew members with the help of iPad platform. They are working with ISS-type environment for ensuring the health of crew members by making sure that they are preventing nutritional deficiencies and not consuming extra calories for risking their health.

Advantage of using this dietary and nutritional pattern will prevent conditions that are associated with the spaceflight including low cost, low crew time needed for flight and minimal risk for side effects. Researches done on cardiovascular, bone, radiation, bone, muscles and immunology has shaded light that nutrition is the integral part for the success and indicates the less need for the additional efforts. This will assure safe human exploration for the space.

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