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iPhone Battery

I worked on the Genius Bar for almost two years, and the most difficult issue to solve was short battery life. It was extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why someone’s battery was draining. I made it my mission to discover the specific reasons for iOS battery drainage. This article is a product of my years of research and anecdotal evidence I gathered in the hundreds of Genius Bar appointments I took during my time as a Genius and iOS technician, as well as testing on my personal devices and the devices of my friends. iOS 7.1 came out recently and brought with it a bevy of design tweaks and performance enhancements. However, some users are reporting poor battery life since the update, and many blogs are reporting it as fact. This is not one of those “Turn off every useful feature of iOS” posts that grinds my gears.

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Google debut its device with O2, who was their partner at the initial stages in UK’s market. Now Google is bringing its device Nexus 4 to another well known carrier in the market called Three. Nexus 4 is a Smartphone powered with Android 4.2. It will be available from December 13th on Three. Either you can buy it on per month contract of 35 with upfront cost of 29 or it is available pre-paid for 399.99. It is also available for a 2 year contract that offers high on-network talk and text limits along with unlimited data.

This new carrier partner of Google came in market just one month after the launch of Nexus 4. It became popular and made quick sell-outs in the market of UK and other parts of the world as well. The latest Smartphone of Google has been experiencing problem regarding its supply in the market. Either the supply of this Smartphone is very short or its demand is very high, but according to a report Google has improved is shipping time. It will be interesting to see Google expanding its availability in the market.

Nexus 4 might offer good speeds on Three’s network DS-HSDPA. Recently it was revealed that a hack enables the users to switch on LTE on the device manually which is not a good thing for the users of Three. Three is planning to bring its 1800MHz LTE network in the market but this network is not compatible with Nexus 4 AWS LTE. The interesting thing here to note will be that how many people will prefer to buy the Nexus 4 from carriers rather than buying it directly from the Google at cheaper prices and then selecting the network of their own choice.

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BoXperiments is the new puzzle game for the users of iPhone and iPad. This puzzle game has 12 levels which let you earn three stars. If you want to beat your friends in completing the puzzle boxes you have to defeat time. The less time you will take to solve the puzzles, more you will be able to beat the clock.

This game is about a little Martian who has lost his boxes in the space as he fall asleep. You have to retrieve those boxes as quickly as you can in order to earn the highest score. When all of the boxes retrieve you will be able to earn points in each level.
BoXperiments is not like ordinary puzzle game. It let you challenge your pals to defeat you in high scores. You can ask your friends to download this wonderful game in their smart devices and can challenge them in defeating you.

BoXperiments’ latest version is being released and is available on the iTunes App Store. With the passing time, new updates will also be offered to the users free of cost.

With the purpose of enhancing user’s interest in game, developers have proffered promo codes. These promo codes can be availed for enjoying free testing. Try this new game and I can bet you won’t be able to save yourself from its spell.

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Android poker apps have made millions of poker players around the world with some marvelous breaking features. In modern age of time Android poker apps are becoming favorite day by day for all of the online poker lovers. It is very convenient and incredibly rewarding online game playing on Android Mobiles.
Having Android device in hand along with the Wi-Fi connection, you can enjoy playing poker games. All you need to do is to download Android poker app from the Google Play Store. Poker has become no.1 game on Android with the million of fans ready to go for big pots. Recently there are many different types of Android poker apps which you can easily download with your fondness, requirement and situation. Now there are hundreds of free Android poker games in the mobile Apps store.Android device let you connect with web cashier and bank accounts so to manage your payroll for enjoying bets. You can use your Android web cashier for depositing and withdrawing real money for playing amazing poker games.

Players can play for real money at their skills level and also practice free using play money and can instantly join your favorite games and tournaments with a simple click. If you want to excel your playing abilities, you should practice on Android device with finest mobile experience, so to later become able to perform better in tournaments and long gaming sessions. When it all come moving together at a time on online Android poker App than you always be sure that you are going to experience the same amount of enjoyment as you get on your laptop or PC.

Through Android poker app you would be able to search out the best poker player around the world no matter where you live and can compete against them in the currently available tournaments. It gives the additional bonus, payouts and prizes to get selected in the poker tournaments which will please you with high bounties. Android poker tournaments also offer extra payments to the knockout players.

Through this famous app you will be able to grow your skills and become famous in poker world.

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Facebook has launched the new version of iPhone for status shuffle. 1.1 million users have used this 90 million times. It allows the people to search through the database of community in millions to find out the status as per their mood and they use to set it as their Facebook status.
“Status Shuffle is a perfect fit for mobile,” said Oz Solomon, Social Graph Studios’ founder and CEO. “People do not need to type their status they can easily shuffle it by swiping and taping. Lots of user spends their idle time by using this because shuffling through all is funny, poignant, inspirational which is great source of entertainment.”

On February 7, 2013 iPhone celebrated the two years anniversary of status shuffle, and offered the full version of the status shuffle on the iPhones for free by the social graph studios in the iOS App store.

Status shuffle helps the user to find the status message that they can post on their face book timeline. By using status shuffle the user of status shuffle can automatically temperate the content simply. Via the web, mobile web and iOS apps more than 1.6 billion times people can voted on status, set their staus, shared status or saved a status as their favourite.

On recent iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices Status Shuffle is available and works. It shares the same database and it builds on Status Shuffle Facebook app. This mean that users of iOS have full access to all Status Shuffle statuses and users favourite will be available on web versions of Status Shuffle and iOS.

Status shuffle for iPhone is easily accessible to the impaired, blind and people which have print disabilities by using zoom and voiceover.

Solomon said that “We saw a lot of requests from visually impaired people to use Status Shuffle.” “So for them we added full Voiceover support. We are very proud of that for over a one year status shuffle has been accessible. For doing this we get lots of comments from people thanking us for this. We also hope that users will also take advantage of the 2-year anniversary giveaway.”

People who are interested in using status shuffle iPhone application can easily find it in the iTunes store at /id415888970?mt=8. Status Shuffle Lite (free version) is available at /id415901080?mt=8. Status Shuffle is also available as a Facebook app at: http://apps.Facebook .com/status-shuffle?from=pr1.It is also supported on Android via the mobile web version of the app

Over 5 years ago status shuffle on Facebook was launched which is the original flavor of status shuffle. Solomon said that “We saw tremendous growth in social apps over the last 5 years and then tremendous growth in mobile apps over the last two. We are excited to be at the convergence of both social and mobile.”

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In the month of October 2012, the site Kickstarter launched itself in U.K as a pert of their international move. They have also given the opportunity to people to directly enter payment in pounds sterling on Kickstarter rather than paying through Amazon Payments. They have also given the hint that they will launch it in other countries also. Indiegogo, another crowdfunding platform is ahead of Kickstarter as they have launched simultaneously in four countries which include Germany, U.K, Canada and France.Other than U.S dollars, Indiegogo is now offering transactions in pounds sterling, Euros and Canadian Dollars. From this month the site will also be available in German and French languages. By the beginning of 2013, the local versions of homepage will be available. for French, British, Canadian and German customers, the search and discovery experiences will also be available at the site.

The co-founder of this site named Danae Ringelmann spoke to LeWeb in Paris. According to him their priority is to widen their international offerings. He said that at present crowd-funded campaign can be listed by anyone but it can be done only in dollars until now.

In the month of August 2012, Indiegogo pronounced partnership with Stiftung Entrepreneurship and Google to set in motion the crowdfunding of Germany via Grunder-garage program. The Grunder-Garage is an online competition launched for the entrepreneurs who speak German.

This competition has managed to gather 117 entrepreneurial campaigns and small business. It has raised over 320,000 with Google’s 10,000 matching funds. This first international effort of Indiegogo earned them which is the local version in German of

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Many of you might have assumed that Facebook messenger is available for iPad, yet it is not true. It took awhile for Facebook to launch its messenger for the iPad devices. The new graphic is making its way to launch in the event of “come and see what they are building”. In this “what they are building” event, the biggest deal besides the launch of slew ads and some other improvements, the announcement of Facebook messenger for iPad is made.The new Facebook messenger for iPad is having all the features we love to encounter like read receipts, emoticons, location, tagging, photo sharing, group messaging and the latest voice recorder feature. This will all available on iPad and it will be in bigger format than the iPhone.

According to another source, the app has been publically announced with series of mobile products to conceptually fit the scenario. Also it is heard that Microsoft- the partner of Facebook, is killing its messenger services for one month after the launch of Facebook messenger app for iPad.

Fully fleshed Facebook messenger for iPad having video chat, voice message and VoIP is undoubtedly another attempt to kill the home passed phones. Facebook offer combination of VoIP with social graphs to force the people to save their mobile minutes and cut off their home phone lines. With video and voice calling option, people will be able to enjoy conversation with their friends and family living abroad through their iPads.

Still Facebook needs to add up Poke and Instagram app for the iPad devices. It seems like Facebook is revamping its core product for the iPad and mobile devices and adding messenger is the first attempt.

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iPhone 5S

As Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5S enters mass production, we’re seeing all of the puzzle pieces fall into place. Photos are leaking, new details are trickling out, and rumors of production issues and possible delays are spreading like wildfire, just like they do every year. Now, a new report from Weibo user and claimed insider C Technology may reveal full specs for the iPhone 5S alongside new images of the device’s case assembly seemingly taken inside Foxconn’s factory. Where specs are concerned, the upcoming new flagship iPhone will be the biggest hardware upgrade ever for an “S” device if the report’s claims pan out. Highlights include a 4-inch IGZO display with the same Retina resolution as the iPhone 5, an A6 processor clocked a bit faster than the current model, quad-core SGX 554MP4 graphics, 2GB of RAM and an upgraded LTE radio.

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Its literally raining rumors about the budget iPhone from the past few days. There is hardly a single day when we don’t see a rumor or a leaked image of the budgeted iPhone. Few days back, a few images of the purported device leaked on the internet with back covers as well. A few more images of the so-called budget iPhone have been leaked on the internet, compared with the current iPhone 5.

iphone low cost

iPhone For Dummies: Includes iPhone 3GS

A full-color guide to the iPhone, including the new iPhone 3G SWith its new 3G S model, the iPhone is definitely the must-have mobile device. This fully updated guide covers all the cool features of the fastest iPhone ever, including the Spotlight search feature, voice control, and video camera capability.iPhone For Dummies, 3rd Edition also covers the basics of using the multitouch interface, setting up iTunes, browsing the Internet, sending and receiving e-mail, and more.The iPhone 3G S is the

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