This week on PadGadget we’re focusing on all things crafty, and iOS games are no exception. When we think of crafting, hobbies like knitting, sewing, and crocheting may come to mind, but there are many ways to craft things.

You can express your creativity and your design skills digitally, using an array of world building games that allow you to create or manipulate whatever your heart desires. Want to get crafty this week? No need to grab the knitting needles – just pick up one of these ultra fun games.

Minecraft Pocket Edition ($6.99) – I’m sure you’ve heard of Minecraft, which is a game that allows you to build an entire world out of different types of blocks. Whatever you can imagine, you can build, and this iPad version uses intuitive touch screen controls to allow you to create even the most complex designs. The game also features multiplayer gameplay, creatures to avoid and defeat, plus a slew of different items to craft.

Junk Jack ($2.99) – Junk Jack is similar to Minecraft, because it is a 2D brick-based game that allows you to explore and create whatever you desire. In this game you’ll need to survive in a randomly generated world that’s filled with monsters, treasures, and plenty of hidden secrets. Junk Jack has fantastic retro style pixel artwork, great controls, and tons of content. There’s an advanced farming system, 135 recipes for cookable foods, unique monsters, and more than 450 crafts.

Eden World Builder ($0.99) – Eden is a world building iOS game that’s been around since 2010. In this game, you’re presented with a world that’s an open sandbox, allowing you to create anything you desire with dozens of different block types from lava and glass to water and vines. There are even creatures that you can use to populate your world. You can paint your world with a variety of colors, and you can rain down fire and explosives if you so desire. This community based game allows you to share your designs with friends and explore their designs too.

The Sandbox (Free) – The Sandbox is a relatively new game, where you finish missions in order to obtain an array of different elements, beginning with water, fire, and earth, and advancing from there. You can then use these elements to build worlds in Sandbox mode, creating and destroying as you see fit. As you discover new elements, you’ll be able to combine them in unique ways to create new things. For example, when you have sand and mud, you can build mountains and grow plants. It gets ever more complex, making this game a ton of fun.

The Sims Freeplay (Free) – While you can’t build an entire world in The Sims, you can build and control an entire family. You choose your characters, and then you choose how they live, where they live, and what they do. The Sims is a lot of fun for you creative types because it allows you to create detailed architecture and houses. I often play The Sims just for the house building features – there’s nothing quite like designing your own custom home.