Instagram recently unveiled Instagram Direct: a new feature that lets you privately share your photos and videos in chat-like messages. But what happens if you sent someone the wrong photo… or a photo to the wrong person? Don’t worry – there’s a way to take back that direct photo message you didn’t mean to send, but you have to think fast. If you want to take back a photo or video you sent someone, click the ellipses next to the box where you can add comments. That tap pops up a prompt to take back the message. Click “Delete this post,” then click “Delete” again to confirm you want to get rid of it. After doing this, the photo will disappear from your outbox, but it will still stay on your phone. You can take back a message as long as the recipient hasn’t opened it yet. If you see a green check mark on the photo, that means they saw the message – and it’s too late to do anything.